Wednesday 29th June 2011 Clubnight

Wednesday night was a particularly well attended evening with the house nearly full.

Mark Allen showed us his Audio Visual of his recent trip to Alaska and the Rockies. As usual, the photos were of outstanding quality.
Nigel Snell was one of those attending last Saturdays outing to a Landrover gig and his Audio Visual slideshow showed amazing shots of 4 wheeled Landrovers either stuck in mud or extricating themselves and coming over the hill to hit the photographer.
New member, Angus Gardiner had borrowed Harry Watson’s 400D for the day and brought back some very good photos of the event.
The techniques involved in animation in Pictures to Exe presentations and resizing to 1920 x 1050 HD (16:9) were demonstrated by Mark Allen.

As usual a stack of memory sticks built up from those present with photos for critique.
At the beginning and end of the evening I helped a couple of people remove sensor dust from the camera sensors using both wet and dry methods.

Members were reminded of the next outing next Saturday 2nd July to Benburb with Sean Barten.

Friday 24th June 2011 Clubnight

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Friday night was one of those evenings where we had no specifically planned activity.
With the arrival of so many new members and potential new members this season I thought I might show some of them how a mount, or matt is cut for a photograph using the mount cutting table in the clubroom.
A couple of weeks ago I stumbled across 3 photos taken of Trunk Bay in the island of St John, right next to St Thomas and Tortola.
These three were taken in landscape mode with approximately 1/3 of the frame overlap. When taken into Photoshop and merged as a panorama, the resultant image was outstanding and really represented the view as it actually was.
I resized it to fit a continuous roll feed of glossy paper on my Epson R2880 printer, and after a few misfeeds, managed to produce the print at 24.5″ x 8.25″.

The problem with roll papers, apart from the difficulty of initially feeding it into the printer, is, that when the image is printed the paper retains a semi-permanent curl. Even after lying flat for 2 weeks, it still wanted to curl.

Anyway, I thought this would be a useful image to try cutting a 3 aperture mount to create a triptyque.
In the clubroom I explained to a number of members what I was going to try to do and received a number of different opinions on how I should present the image from, keep it as one image, use two narrow dividers or use two broad dividers. after some debate we all seemed to agree that without cutting the image into three, too much of the image would be lost under the dividers.
So finally I cut it with one conventional window with a 2″ border all round.

Here is the unmounted photo.

Trunk Bay, St Johns, USVI

Whilst this was taking place, Mark Allen was busy showing Christine Pearson and others how easy it is to create a Pictures to Exe Audio Visual from her photos.

Finally, we looked and critiqued members photos supplied on memory sticks.

As usual the evening was not long enough for all we wanted to do and talk about.

Saturday outing to Glenariff – Saturday 4th June 2011

Although I was not able (allowed) to go because of wallpapering duties, Deborah Carvill has kindly sent me some photos of the group attending this outing.

From the feedback both verbally and via Facebook, and indeed a thank-you note from the Secretary of the Armagh Photography Club (shown below) , it was a real success.

Bangor Club and Armagh Club members

Glenariff Outing 4th June 2011


Dear Nigel ,
On behalf of those members from Armagh Photography Club who attended the outing on Saturday in Glenariff can I thank you and your club for their hospitality. We had a great day out with wonderful weather and outstanding scenery. Our club looks forward to returning the favour in the very near future with a trip to Armagh.
Kind regards
Seán Toner
Armagh Photography Club