Friday 1st July 2011 – Clubnight

Once again, we had a good turnout.

Kevin brought his Nikon in for a more rigorous sensor clean.  Last weeks effort with the Visible Dust Arctic Butterfly couldn’t remove the crud on the sensor, so I brought along my illuminate Loupe magnifier , some Eclipse sensor cleaning fluid and pec-pads.  Unfortunately I forgot my tiny spatula to wrap the pec-pad around.   After a bit of head scratching I cut out a custom sized spatula from some offcuts of mounting board and wrapped the pec-pad around that.  Just two little drops on the pad are needed.

Kevin took off the lens and from the Nikon menu, operated the mirror lockup. A word of warning here.  Don’t embark on this process without a fully charged battery.

A steady single light wipe with minimal pressure was all that was needed.   Too much fluid and the sensor would be soaked.   Being alcohol based, it soon evaporated.  A quick look in the Loupe and it was like new.   Camera was then switched off and lens refitted.  Job done.

As usual a number of memory sticks appeared on the computer desk containing photographs for critique.   It was good to see a new member, Mike, submitting some of his.

A reminder was given about the arrangement for Saturday’s outing to Benburb with Sean Barden.   I overlooked Eddies request to demonstrate the Vibrance control in Camera Raw, and he had buzzed off home early so it will have to wait until Wednesday.




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