Saturday outing to Benburb – 2nd July 2011

What a terrific turnout on Saturday. We met at the Clubroom as usual at 9.00am and shared cars. Davy Cooper and Peter Gibson shared my car while Julie, Christine Shared with Helen.

Just a wee snack

The plan was to meet at the Museum in Armagh with Sean Barden and some members of the Armagh club.
Some went direct through Portadown but Helens group and my group opted to go via Junction 14 and ended up in a roadworks diversion. We found Helen asking directions en route and she fell in behind us, but somehow they fell back. (No, I was not speeding as accused later!!)
We waited for the lost souls to meet up then proceeded in convoy to Mayo Bridge car park where we enjoyed our customary scones, jam tea and coffee provided by Sean.
We dandered through the undergrowth shooting this and that and at the river and weir, I was invited by the local houseowner to come onto his property for better views of the weir.

After stopping for lunch at the village of Benburb, several of us took the opportunity to take some shots inside a small pottery and a basket weaving shop. While we were doing that Christine and Helen struggled to eat the contents of a huge picnic basket which they brought.

Onwards to Benburb Mill. Here, we had access to the storage of dozens of old looms and to the main engine room. Interesting photos were taken in the old storage rooms of junk? and old machine tools.

This was one of the many memorable outings which serve the purpose of a photo shoot, educational session and social meeting.

No doubt we will see many memory sticks full of photos next Wednesday and Friday, from the day.


8 thoughts on “Saturday outing to Benburb – 2nd July 2011

  1. It was great to meet up with your club once again. We had a great day around Benburb with the icing on the cake finishing off in the old linen mill.

    Sean Toner – Secretary Armagh Photography Club

  2. We had a great day. Thanks to Sean, he took the group to a few different locations, as David said the day has been a great success and everyone had an interesting time shooting differrent pictures it will be good to see them all Wed, Fri night. Julie, Christine and myself had a good laugh traveling together and it was lovely to have May and Deborah with us all. The boys were all very helpful. Helen

  3. great wee day out and the weather really made it. Didn’t realise that pic was being taken. So glad i had my roots done. It gives whole new meaning to the word “lunchbox”

  4. Really enjoyed the whole day and as usual Christine Helen and myself had an extra trip afterwards to Groomsport and met up with Shirley as she was finishing work in cockle row the was a lot going on bands funfair and fireworks we got some lovely sunset photos but decided not to wait for the fireworks so eventually arrived home about 10.30 cu on wed

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