Wednesday 6th July 2011 Clubnight

Full house again tonight.

As expected, almost all of the memory sticks submitted contained photos taken on last Saturday’s outing to Benburb.

Everyone, especially those in the “back stalls” were very lively tonight.  Sometime difficult to be heard.

Christine has downloaded the trial version of Pictures to Exe and was having difficulty with the application of the music.   Perhaps next Friday I’ll get a chance to take her through the stages of building a PTE Audio Visual slideshow.

All of the Benburb photos submitted were excellent though I don’t know what Helen was doing in the middle of the bridge!.

Phil has taken a wedding photoshoot recently and we critiqued his photos.  Turns out that the bride had to wear built-up shoes because the wedding dress (bought from China) was too long. ROFPMSL.

From the hecklers at the back, the design of the dress did not go down well.  Someone said that all it needed  was a Christmas wreath.   How unkind!   Neverthless there were some good shots amongst the submission.  Taking photos of a wedding is a very stressful affair, never mind doing it single handed.

Davy Cooper once again excelled himself by producing a sepia toned Audio Visual of the mill photos.   What was so different, apart from the excellent choice of music, was the closeup shots of the equipment in the building.   A real lesson for us all in getting in close and forgetting about the big picture.   I really enjoyed it.

Julie once again brought in a large carton of milk and made and served tea and coffee.   Thanks again Julie.

If anyone who took photos of Alison at the Greenwood Baskets workshop wishes to forward some to her, please email to:


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