Friday 15th July 2011 – Clubnight

There was no particular subject planned for tonight, but as usual, we were not stuck for something to demonstrate, talk about or physically carry out.

First off was Mike who asked for further explanation of ISO and when to change it.  I took him outside into the gloomy evening light with his camera and had him set his ISO to its lowest ISO value and while in Aperture priority mode, selected F8.   He took a photograph of some cars in front of the clubroom.   At theses settings his shutter speed dropped to 1/15th of a second, too slow to hand hold.  As expected camera shake resulted in a blurred image.

Next he increased the ISO to 200, i.e. one stop, and took the exactly same shot.  I pointed out as he was taking the shots that an audible indication of a slow shutter speed was the relatively long interval between the mirror rising and falling with that distinctive slap.  He continued to increase ISO to 400 and then to 800 and each time the shutter speed doubled until the image was sharp.   I helped him to set the Auto ISO to ON for the time being and suggested he leave it there for a while until he got in some more practice.

Waiting and chilled, were Christine and Trevor and I repeated the same exercise with them.

Inside, out of the chill air memory sticks appeared and as is customary we reviewed people’s photos.  Jack Thompson submitted a new Audio Visual built in ProShow Gold.  We carried out a gentle critique with him.

At a point while I was showing photos, some giggling occurred at the back of the room, then I heard some whistling.  Upon enquiring if anyone else heard it, amongst great laughter, I was told that it was coming from the Committee Room.   No sooner had I asked than a member came through the door to a round of applause and more raucous laughter.  No names, no pack drill.   They know who they are!!

The remaining time was utilised in a short 25 minute demonstration of building an AV in Pictures to Exe utilising some existing photos on the computer.

A number of members have now either bought or downloaded a trial version of PTE.    Hopefully we will see some of their results next week.

Pictures to Exe is not yet available for Mac, so I suggested to Mike that he could create an AV using iPhoto.

Every one appeared to have had a great evening.


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