Photo Shoot – Guide Dogs for the Blind – 19th July 2011

Harry Watson arranged another photo shoot of Guide Dogs for the Blind calendar today.  By comparison, it was a very quiet shoot compared with previous sessions where we had 6 week old puppies to cope with.   We had only one dog today, a black labrador, who, it appears, we shot for last years calendar.  She was the puppy who had her paw on the collection box.

She has turned out to be the best behave dog we have had in the studio.   Julie, her handler and mum, Ann were with her.  It turned out that Julie is an accomplished musician.  Harry took shots of her playing the bourdon, flute and penny whistle.

Apart from photos for the calendar, Julie wanted some shots for her forthcoming CD cover.   Her preference was for a silhouette of her with the whistle.   Basically we used only the backlight on the white backdrop and tried face on and side views.   There were some great shots as a result.   We experimented with a flashgun and a snoot made out of rolled up magazine, to put a concentrated spot of light only on Julies hands and whistle.

No doubt Harry will show some of these photos tomorrow (Wednesday) night.

As an interesting aside, we couldn’t get DSLRRemote software to recognise Harry’s new Canon 60D, so we resorted to a humble Canon 5D Mk II for our tethered shooting.

We also encountered some problems with the white backdrop winding mechanism.  I think it needs a closer look at by our own Nowl Maitland.


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