Some Freebies to be given away on Wednesday 20th Clubnight

Mark Allen has let me know that there will be some Freebies given away on Wednesday night meeting.   So, If you are not there, you miss out.


One thought on “Some Freebies to be given away on Wednesday 20th Clubnight

  1. Okay folks, I have 2 big laptop bags to give away. They will take a 15″ laptop and loads of other stuff. Back in the day they both cost about £30.

    I have also a circular rotating doofer. It is round and about 8 inches wide. Basically two circular flat bits of plastic, separated by ball bearings. I used it to support a large CRT monitor, as it easily allowed me to rotate the beast to get access to the back of it.

    And finally, I have a Wacom Graphics tablet. It is an old one, ‘Graphire’ model, but you can still get windows drivers for it. (It doesn’t work on a mac, I tried!) It comes with a mouse and pen and has some history. It previously belonged to Glen Southern, a wizard artist in ZBrush:

    As always, first come first served, although I would really like the graphics tablet to go to someone who will really use it 😉 I regularly give away stuff I don’t really need any more, for free, to members of my camera club. If you have any gear that you don’t need, please follow my example and help new members by giving stuff away (for free of course!)

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