Wednesday 20th July – Clubnight

Wow, what a rowdy night!!

Julie was first in followed closely by Mike.  Mike very kindly brought us a lovely lemon cake for our tea break.   We certainly aren’t used to this sort of fare of an evening.  Julies mission was to capture my attention regarding the installation of the Lame encoder file into the Audacity folder.   She brought along her laptop and we had it installed in a couple of minutes into the root folder of Audacity which resides in the Programs folder.

We also covered the method of transferring(ripping)  tracks from her CD into her music library as MP3 format files.    Her intention was to use them as musical accompaniment to her Pictures to Exe slide shows.   We look forward to seeing her results.

A couple of minutes were spent outside with Mike and Julie demonstrating the use of a grey card whilst in Manual mode and with the viewfinder filled with grey card view, adjusting either the speed or aperture till the metering pointer was zeroed.   Julie took several test shots and saw the benefits.

Back inside, it became apparent that we had problems displaying photos on our projector.   Somehow the lead had become disconnected from the graphics card.  Mark kindly set about restoring things.

Part way through the evening we thought that war had broken out when Cooperman announced that we would be having a guest speaker on Friday (Alan McMorris) who was going to demonstrate High Speed photography.   The aim was to capture a woman with her mouth shut.   Can you imagine the uproar that followed.  Of course it was all said in good fun and banter and not at all meant to be sexist.

Mark Allen kindly commented on this blog and recommended that members use the comments facility to give direct feedback on what they would like to be discussed or demonstrated in future sessions. He said that this blogging method is nearer to the objective of a little community than Facebook or Flickr.

The promised Freebies were revealed and were snapped up.   There were two quite substantial laptop carry bags and a Wacom Graphics Tablet on offer.

William Ireland’s son came along tonight and I demonstrated the Sony Nex 5 camera to him.   He in turn produced a unique little camera which can be used underwater or attached to a bike, skateboard or whatever.   It takes quite decent 5mp photos as demonstrated later in the evening.

Once again we had our usual photo critique and Michael’s zoo photos were outstanding.

Thanks again to Shirley and Julie and Helen for tea.

Don’t forget., feedback would be welcome.


2 thoughts on “Wednesday 20th July – Clubnight

  1. sorry David. one comment on the zoo photo’s They were my images. it was a another great evening and i love the blog. keep up the work.

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