Guide Dog Photoshoot – Tuesday 26th July 2011

We had another photoshoot this afternoon as part of the creation of next year’s calendar for Guide Dogs Northern Ireland.
First off was Dotty with her handler, Eilish. Dotty was a very quiet and obedient dog which gave Harry no grief. She was a black Labrador. A large proportion of the shots were of Eilish and Dotty together. There were some really good portrait shots, and of course great close-ups of the dogs’s face. The last shots were of the family group.

Later we had Sarah with her charming little boy, Shobby, and dog Nemo, a golden Labrador. Shobby was really the centre of attraction with his blue shirt and brightly coloured schoolbag. He really wanted to be in every shot!
Again a variety of poses were shot although Nemo looked a little bored by the whole affair and just wanted to lie with his head flat on the ground, thus the majority of his photos were in that mode.
As a final set Sarah, Shobby and Nemo walked slowly across the set to give a shot showing them on the way to school.
Harry used his new Canon 60D with 18-135 lens. I was impressed with the sharpness. Unfortunately DSLRRemote did not recognise the 60D so we used EOS Utility Remote which was just as good.

Perhaps we will see some of the photos on Wednesday night.


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