Wednesday 27th July 2011 – Clubnight

Today was a really warm day, just as summer days should be.
Julie and Cooperman were at the clubroom ahead of me tonight. Julie was excited that she had successfully completed two Pictures to Exe AVs and placed her memory stick first in the lineup for showing.
We had a new visitor tonight, Alli. I spent some time with her, as we do, to explain what the club is and what we do.
Julie has set herself the task of taking a photo of her son indoors using pop-up flash and trying to achieve a black background. She was inspired by a video we viewed several weeks ago.

I couldn’t turn up the video for her again, but will do so for Friday night.
Mark kindly started the session tonight displaying members photographs for critique.

Bill showed us his Audio Visual of a military motorcycle display team in action. There followed lots of other photos from Helen, Michael, Mark, Henry. When it came to Julie’s turn, it seems that whilst she saved the PTE project, she didn’t create the complete Exe file. This resulted in an error message stating that the music and picture files couldn’t be found. Mark demonstrated the method of creating the Exe file and also the need to create the Zip file to allow transport of the whole project and files to another computer. I asked Mark to replay his Alaska Av again. Later he showed his AV which comprised of Landscape coloured photos with square cropped black and white.

After the tea break, I loaded up PTE again and showed how I synchronised manually, the beat or crescendos in the music with a slide change. This is achieved by firstly, thoroughly listening to your music beforehand and then in PTE, clear the time line and as the music is played, clicking on the New Transition button. No doubt this requires a number of attempts to perfect and maybe a bit of tweaking afterwards. David Best suggested that this can often be easier if the song has words.

Some people wanted to know how to create the multi-layered approach to slide blending. Maybe we will try this in Photoshop Elementas on Friday evening.


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