Audio Visual Full Day Summer School

David and I have discussed arranging a full day Summer school for members interested in Audio Visuals.  We were thinking of running it on a Saturday, but Sunday may also be considered.  Our favourite software is Picture To Exe (PTE) and we will be using it to demonstrate the steps involved, on the big screen. However; if you have bought ProShow and don’t want to buy PTE , you are most welcome,  I know ProShow fairly well and will able to help you follow along. If you have a MacBook and feel left out, please talk to me and I can help you get Windows to work on your Mac.

To help you prepare, to participate you MUST have:

  • A laptop running Windows
  • PTE or ProShow installed
  • Faststone Image Resizer (free) installed
  • An image editing programme, that can crop to a ratio, e.g., Photoshop, PS Elements, Lightroom, Aperture, Gimp (free), Capture NX, etc.
  • A folder containing the full size jpgs that you want to use. You should have at least 50-60 photos, however the AV will probably only include around 30-40.
  • A music library with plenty of suitable music. Visit Asda or Tescos and buy a multi CD pack of type of music you would like to use.  Classical music works very well for most photo AV’s and these can be bought for as little as £5.
If you don’t own a laptop, ask around to see if you can borrow one, although the software mentioned above will have to be installed. David and I both have laptops that we may be persuaded to lend them out for the day.
We intend to cover:
  • Preparation of photos, resizing to ratios 16:9 or 16:10 and then saving them to a suitable file size for the AV
  • AV basics – adding images, music and creating a slideshow
  • AV intermediate – customising slides for titles, subtle pan and zoom effects
  • AV advanced – synchronising music to slides, photo harmony and flow
At the end of the course we show everyones work on the big screen, so we will be strongly suggesting that your AV should run for less than 5 minutes. (4 to 5 minutes long is, in my experience, just about right.)
Have I missed anything out?  All ideas and suggestions at this early stage are most welcome!
BUT before David and I progress this any further, we need to know how many members would be interested in attending such a course. This will not be a mickey mouse event!  I am sure you know, that if David and I are going to do this, we will spend a lot of time preparing a most professional course.

4 thoughts on “Audio Visual Full Day Summer School

  1. Christine, we could do this on a Sunday, but it depends on how many can make it work. We will need at least 5 to 10. Any less is a waste of our time!

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