Saturday 6th August 2011 – Summer Outing to Argory

The title of this is Summer Outing to Argory.  Excuse me.  Exactly where was Summer!!  Total washout.

Twelve forlorn souls and a baby braved the downpours and thunder and lightning in the name of photography.    Were we downhearted.  Heck, No.  After all photography is only part of it.  Its mainly about the coffee, tea, 4 varieties of scones (plain, fruit, cherry and date, for those who want to know) topped off with 3 types of home made jam, made of course by our own Mrs Hartley no less.

Some got transported like queens in a luxury Porche 4×4 including the special wave, whilst others followed.   Argory was easily found and no one went missing this time.

We really should have known what we were in for as the skies became heavier and blacker with telltale very wet portions of the road.   On we went.

After our picnic, we set off around the outside of the house and before we had gone 100 metres, the heavens opened.  By some good fortune, a marquee had been erected in the garden beside the house and we sheltered there, playing with macro lenses et al.  Someone commented that we could now get photos for our own version of Droppy, with the amount of rain washing over the side of the shelter.

This was a good opportunity to show our less experienced members some camera settings and their resultant exposures.

Cooperman heard the thunder and thought that it was a good idea to bounce his flash off the marquee roof, causing certain people to think we had lightning.   A few minutes later we had real lightning.  Julie braved the rain on her own during this so we await eagerly her photos next week.

During a short break in the rain, we got photos of the entrance and seats and foliage thereabouts.   I returned to the car with the intention of taking my wife, who was waiting in the car, for a tour of the house.  As it turned out only conducted tours without cameras was allowed and these took about an hour,  It also involved stair climbing and long periods of standing so we agreed to give it a miss.  Maybe we’ll return some day.

After our lunch, some of the others appeared and eagerly awaited to see what size of lunch Julie, Christine, Helen and Velia had brought.   I spotted the Sainsbury’s basket poorly disguised in the boot of a car.

The photos below again feature the handsome lunches enjoyed by some.  As I said, photography was only a side issue on this outing.

We decided to abandon the onward trip to Ardress and head home.  Amazingly, the weather in Bangor was bright with some actual sunshine!!

Below are two photos, one of the picnics some enjoyed, the other of the entire group.  Photo taken by Alan’s wife, Helen.

Roll on Wednesday till we see some of the photos.

Our Lunches

The brave ones

The Brave Ones


3 thoughts on “Saturday 6th August 2011 – Summer Outing to Argory

  1. Re Christines comment about crawfordsburn and Jack really dont know how we all kept our faces straight Helen was so sincere but it certainly gave us a good laugh and finished of the day really well .But next time I think we better have some song sheets wrote so we all know the words to the songs we so badly sing in the car

  2. The best laugh of the day had to be when we arrived at Crawfordsburn. I told Helen that Jack had the total copyright on photos taken here to which she commented that lots of people had their wedding photos taken here. I told her yes that was the case but they had to have permission from Jack as he held the licence on all pics having been granted same by the Secretary of State over six years ago and that it was something to do with old leases in which way the lands were held. This was affirmed by a few convincing statements and constant nodding of the head by Cooperman. The rain certainly didn’t dampen our spirits and one of the best parts of the day had to be the lunches both at the Argory and Crawfordsburn 🙂

  3. and on we trundled to Oxford Island, Titanic Quarter and Crawfordsburn with Helen and I eventually finishing off in the Jamaica Inn…..Not sure where the others all went :))

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