BNDCC Social Networking, Photo Sharing, etc.

Hi folks,

If you are in to social networking, or  perhaps want some feedback on your photography, or want to sell your work – BNDCC have a number of sites that you might be interested in.

1.  Facebook,

free to join and is a private group, open only to paid up members of BNDCC.

2.  Flickr,

free to join and is a private group, open only to paid up members of BNDCC.

3.  Redbubble,

free to join and is open to anyone with a passion for good photography, with an emphasis on good composition. You can sell your work through Redbubble.

So, what is the difference between them? Our Facebook and Flickr groups are very similar. They are both private, only open to BNDCC members, and both offer you the ability to post your photos and seek and offer feedback on your work. The only way that these groups can be successful is if members participate in offering feedback. Human nature dictates that if someone offers you feedback on your work, then you are more likely to offer feedback on theirs. You should let folk know that you want feedback, simply say “Feedback Welcome!” (I will post later how this should be done, for the benefit of new members.)

Redbubble is slightly different, as members hope that their work might sell! Therefore, while positive feedback is most welcome, negative feedback is not. (Would you buy a photo were the comments include, maybe you should do this or that? No, of course you wouldn’t!) The other main difference of Redbubble is that we have over a hundred members, worldwide, and simply by viewing their work you can learn about what makes a really good photo, by reading the extensive feedback that such an open group allows.

And lastly, there is this BNDCC Blog. Again it will only be successful if members participate.  Tell us want you like about the club, tell us what you want us to cover on Wednesdays. David and I are just two blokes that are happy to share our knowledge, skills and experience. But clearly we are just two well meaning amateurs, we would like to involve as many members of the club as we can to share their thoughts, views and ideas.




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