Friday 19th August 2011 – Clubnight

Well, it looks as though the call for a supply of biscuits was heard.  We now have a nice selection.

Trevor was an early arrival tonight together with his camera.  Apparently he has just come back from a cruise on the Island Escape in the Mediterranean.  I saw him unloading quite a few memory cards from his camera bag.

He gave me one for display.  These were straight out of the camera NEF raw files, mostly of his short day trip to Monte Carlo where he was sussing out a new apartment!  On the club computer we use Freestone Image Viewer which is a free download.  One of the nice features is that it can directly display RAW files.    Trevor had a good range of shots of the harbour, the Royal Palace and square, and of course the cathedral where Prince Rainier and Princess Grace are laid to rest.    Trevor fell into the trap that we all do irrespective of experience, that is, after shooting on a high ISO in a dark church at say 1600, we step outside and continue shooting without resetting the ISO.   Our advice to him was to keep the histogram displayed and regularly ‘chimp’ the viewfinder and look at the histogram.  This will tell immediately if the image is very overexposed.

Nigel suggested that some evening we should do an in-depth tutorial on Lightroom.  Some of Trevor’s shots would be useful to illustrate the power of the software.   Later on we saw some of his shots of the Vatican City.  At the best of times, this is a difficult subject to shoot well.

We were treated to another of Nigel’s Fotomagico based AVs.  Music by J S Bach accompanied a lovely presentation.

Velia gave us a view of the country house she was renovating including some of the surrounding countryside.  There was a very interesting photo of a post planter attachment for a tractor.  Very useful.  She also showed us her vintage rust laden JCB in the undergrowth, apparently bought as a plaything.  The ultimate Tonka Toy!!

During the evening Deborah and her mum, May crept in during the darkness.   We gave them both a great welcome and  very glad to see May back on her feet and looking so well, even though she has still continuing treatment.

Members were reminded that the opening evening of the new season begins with members holiday AVs (alternatively photos).


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