Friday 16th September 2011 – My way with photography – Members presentations

Helen Fettus and Trevor Robinson

The entertainment was of the in-house variety at Friday’s meeting of the Bangor and North Down Camera Club. Various members had been coaxed, cajoled or coerced into giving a presentation entitled “My way with photography”; the heading deliberately vague to allow for a variety of interpretations. The club chairman Nigel Snell adroitly contrived to arrive at a good mix of experienced  photographers and beginners and any first time nerves were quickly dispelled in the usual friendly atmosphere of the weekend gathering.

Noel Maitland opened proceedings with a vintage display of slides (real transparencies shown on a real projector!) which ranged from his early days on the farm to local scenes and landscapes amassed over 40 odd years behind the lens. He then introduced a competitive edge to the proceedings by offering prizes of chocolates to whoever could correctly identify the locations. We are assured that the amateur status of the winners will not be compromised !

Noel completed his enjoyable contribution with a very watchable audio-visual display rather poetically titled “Flowers and Stuff”.

Helen Fettus represented the female membership with a thoughtful montage of family shots cleverly making use of available sunlight in a variety of settings. Helen, who is one of the newer members recently celebrated achieving an A Level in photography and has been enjoying expanding her experience and expertise at the Wednesday evening workshops which ran throughout the summer break.

Jack Thompson displayed his usual creative approach to things photographic when he based his talk on five “wow” moments he has experienced over the years. Starting with a  simple box camera and then progressing through student days and  a part time job in a professional studio he gradually grew to love images of plants and local beauty spots . More recently Jack has been concentrating mainly on Audio-visual presentations  in which medium he has achieved quite a measure of success .

Another new member, Trevor Robinson took the nostalgic path in his journey. Introduced to the magic of images by his father he displayed the actual plate camera he had used in his early days and traced his photographic time-line with various other pieces of hardware he has used over the years. Having dabbled in the nerve-jangling pursuit of wedding photography on occasions Trevor more recently has been glad to relax and enjoy the relative freedom of snapping anything from motorcycle racing to beetles.

The enjoyable evening ended with a masterful presentation by Nigel Snell in which he demonstrated that when it comes to bird photography he is well versed in capturing that elusive magic moment.

John Bennett


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