Friday 7th October 2011 – ‘The Rise’ – Nick Patterson

The packed Bangor and North Down Camera Club premises were treated to a very different photographic experience on Friday evening.

At relatively short notice, professional commercial photographer, Nick Patterson presented a fascinating photographic experience of the construction of the now well known Belfast Landmark, ’The Rise”, or otherwise locally nicknamed, “The Balls on the Falls”

Nick Patterson - creator of the Time-Lapse film

Nick gave us an outline of his professional career, which began in Graphics Design.  This led through university study into photography.   That was back in the days when Digital Cameras had started to appear on the market but were insufficiently developed to be useful in his commercial work.  He quoted the sensor size of 1 megapixel, minute by todays standards.   He returned to film capture until they developed further.

His main theme of the evening, after showing the eager audience some examples of his commercial work ranging from the new apartment development at the site of the old Ormeau Bakery, through publicity shots for hotels, restaurants, food presentation and fashion, was the technique of erecting the “Rise” structure using Time Lapse techniques.   This was a specially  commissioned work for Belfast City Council.

The construction was based on a design by a British architect, Wolfgang Buttress and built by a Rasharkin construction company employing 100 people on the task.   The obvious question was posed about what the finished work represented.  Apparently the designer got his inspiration of peace when walking through a wheatfield on a hazy early morning sunrise and this gave the view of the core as the sun surrounded by a misty halo and the vertical uprights being the stalks of wheat.

At the same time the cladding of the Titanic Building was taking place and Nick attempted to carry out a similar task, however the pace of the cladding work did not suit this technique.

The finished officially credited version of the Time–Lapse film is available at


One thought on “Friday 7th October 2011 – ‘The Rise’ – Nick Patterson

  1. What an interesting night. It was a pleasure to listen to Nick describe the building of “The Rise”. It was an education in itself.

    The external speakers just get better and better. Full marks to our club for such wonderful programmes.

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