Friday 14th October 2011 – Clubnight – Selection for BANDCC/Marina Alta Competition

Inter club competitions are nothing new among camera clubs. Traditionally it involves a visit from another club complete with a selection of prints representing a series of themes agreed in advance. A neutral judge would then typically award marks and a winner  would be announced. Things have moved on however and the club has taken advantage of the technology available to engage in another virtual competition with a club over a thousand miles away.

In the past two seasons Bangor and North Down Camera Club have won the inter-club competition conducted via the Internet. Once again we are competing with Marina Alta Club in Spain.

Marina Alta is situated high in the hills overlooking Benidorm and a small band of photographers, mainly British ex-pats formed a thriving club there some years ago. The Club President , Gerry Coe had made friends with members of the Marina Alta club a few years ago and once again we compete in the County Down v Costa Blanca “battle” . This will take the form of a Projected Digital Image competition.

The Judge has proposed the categories of the images as Portrait, Landscape, Fine Art, Still Life, Sport, Travel, Glamour & Fashion, Open and Nature. A considerable number of high quality images was submitted and the selection carried out by a panel of experienced advanced members through a process of elimination and reducing down to 3 submissions per theme. Unlike other club competitions, there was no differentiation between Foundation (Novice) and Advanced levels. The objective was to simply select the best three in each category.

All this took place with the members present  and there were a few personal choices voiced from the back of the room.

On 2nd December our Friday evening will be devoted to the results declaration and presentation of the judges detailed comments on each entry.

As for next Friday evening, we have what is being called “Girls in Charge”. This comes about as a result of a number of ladies having joined the club in the last year and a half, and this is where they think they will demonstrate their dominance. We’ll see.

David Roberts


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