Our Wee Club

Our Wee Club

There’s a little building in Bangor

A toilet block all coloured yellow

Where the camera club meet twice a week

And the people are happy and mellow

Its members travel from near and far

Across Millisle through to Cockle Row

I’ve heard them talk of The Jamaica Inn

And even mentioned Jericho!

They’ll talk about jpegs and pixels and raw

And fight over Canon and Nikon

But when the big hand on the clock strikes 9

They’ll be running to get the tea on

Then after break, it’s back to the screen

And the memory sticks pile up in lots

As everyone fights to get in before Angus

With his 2 million record shots

Then the critics start whingeing and saying

Our images are too light and too large

Well enjoy our pics and no comments boys

Cos tonight the girls are in charge!

 By Christine Pearson

“Ladies Night”   21st October ‘11


One thought on “Our Wee Club

  1. that just says it all…..our wee club and we are all so proud to be part of it, the amount of new friends made is unreal friends of friends too even the other day i met a photographer at my wee audition for in it to win it and the wee man knew Gerry Coe so it just goes to show you we may be small in our facilities but we have a big heart, glad this was put on the blog well done

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