Wednesday 9th November 2011.

On Wednesdays, we do whatever takes our fancy. The agenda is what we make it. This is your club, so please feel free to ask and make suggestions!
David Roberts cannot attend this session, so I will be in ‘the chair’. What do you want me to cover? Here are some suggested areas:

1. Nigel has asked me to do ‘something’ on Lightroom, as there seems to be much interest in this software package. I know my way around Lightroom, but I must admit I don’t actually use it. However; I will bring along a 2.3GB Video Tutorial that will answer any questions!

2. Anthony has asked me to explain how to use the Nik Software plug-ins, with Photoshop. (They work with Lightroom, Photoshop, Elements, Aperture and Capture NX.) I really know my way around these plug-ins, they are suburb! But these are not installed on our camera club computer, so I will have to bring my laptop in order to demonstrate…

BUT I fully realise that many members do not have Photoshop or Lightroom or Elements. Never mind the Nik Software plug-ins that cost almost as much as Elements! (BTW Elements, IMHO does almost everything that Photoshop and Lightroom do!)

And I am reminded that many months ago a member asked if the Wednesday Club was becoming a computer club! It was a wake up call that made us concentrate on asking for photos on USB sticks, and giving feedback. Which brings me to the third suggestion-

3. A number of members have asked me to fully explain what I meant by saying “crop for composition, with the zoom lens” from Friday’s talk. Others have asked me to give the talk about basic composition as either they, missed it or, simply wanted to hear it again.

Up to you! It is your club, all you have to do is ask.

(BTW, look at the top right to the cartoon balloon.  It will let you know if there are any comments or replies to any post.)



4 thoughts on “Wednesday 9th November 2011.

  1. Mark, I’d love to have a comparison between LR and Aperture, perhaps trying some processes in both. But I realise Aperture is not available on Windows so this may be of interest to less members.

  2. David suggested I had this to our blog as not everyone is on facebook! Our camera club has a number of social networking sites, some are private (open to only members of the club – these are known as closed forums. Our group on facebook and flickr are closed and only open to members of the camera club.) We also have an open group that any one can join at Redbubble:

    but here are a few of the facebook replies to this subject:
    Alli Martin yes, basic composition bit would be good for me n i’m sure it wouldn’t hurt for others to maybe go over it again either =)
    Henry Doggart I would be really interested to hear your ‘take’ and research on composition. It’s the one thing the computer can’t perfectly repair after the shutter is pressed.
    Angela Shannon I would also be interested in basic composition. Mark do you know which Wednesday night you will be speaking on this? It’s just that I will not be able to make this Wednesday’s meeting. Thanks
    Mark Allen I can make it any Wednesday. What about Wed 16th?

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