Wednesday 24th November 2011 – Clubnight

Great Wednesday night turnout.

Thanks again to Mark for taking the chair tonight.

The turnout tonight was tremendous.  I counted 32 members.

The evening started with Helen’s great photos taken at the recent outing to Mountstewart Gardens.   I must say that Helen’s photos have noticeably improved, no doubt due to her voracious appetite for knowledge (no, I didn’t mean picnic hampers!!)  There certainly were many opportunities to capture glorious reflections of the autumn colours.   Those present managed to capture a great sunset, even if they stood in smelly mud.

Other submitters were Bill Cardwell, most notably his image and reflection of a lone yacht.   Other contributors were Alli, Peter Gibson, Deborah Carvill and May Carvill and Kevin Neupert.

This took us to teabreak, after which Mark showed some of his shoot at Mountstewart.   He then moved onto the subject of cropping for printing and illustrated the concept of ratios.  This is ably covered in Mark’s previous post below.

The subject will be revisited next week.


2 thoughts on “Wednesday 24th November 2011 – Clubnight

  1. Thank you Bobby. I am more than aware that it was you that highlighted this issue – the balance between the computer stuff and the photography stuff many months ago. David and I didi try to address this, but recently we have been slipping back into answering detailed software questions and as you know we are now, again, re thinking our approach.

    Your feedback is timely and most welcome. Thank you.

  2. Realy enjoyed Wednesday nights meet – 2 whole hours and not a mention of lightroom or photoshop, it can only get better

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