Wednesday 28th December 2011 – Clubnight.

This was the last clubnight of the year and what a miserable windy wet night we had.  Nevertheless 8 brave souls turne out.  Maybe it was a case of ‘somewhere to go to just to get out of the house.’

We were again pleased to see our Canadian visitor, Bill Warmington from Canmore Camera Club based near Banff, Alberta  come and see us.  The evening developed into a simple group chat and the discussions covered everything except photography and covered such topics as scamming telephone calls and how to respond to them.   Henry informed us of an email purporting to come from him with a hyperlink  inviting you to look at the photograph.    If you get one of these DO NOT open the link.   Trash the email. Continue reading

Wednesday 21st December 2011 – Clubnight

Well, here we are at the shortest day of the year and the temperature soared to an amazing 12 degrees after a really cold spell.   No chance of a white Christmas.   Exactly 1 year ago we were at the opposite side of the zero line, -12 degrees!!

Tonight’s blog is dedicated to Christine who showed signs of “blog withdrawal syndrome”.

There was no blog for last Friday’s competition night and she was lost for information.  Unfortunately neither John nor I  were able to get there and so far there is no writeup or photos, but I am assured that winners information and photos will be forthcoming.

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Internet Passwords

For members that are new to computers and the Internet the subject of passwords can become very confusing. Almost every forum, user group, social networking site will expect you to have a screen name (normally your real name), a ‘user id’ (normally your email address) and a password. But how do you remember them all?

I use this simple system for internet passwords, it is very, very secure. Think of a number, the tele no of your last house, the pin you use of your phone, or the Fibonacci code, it doesn’t matter what it is – as long as you will always remember it. So, for example your number is 1928. For every site you are asked for a password you use 1928, but you add a special character before and after the number. By a special character I mean using the shift key to get a ” ! ” or a ” * “, or a ” ~” This becomes your ‘code’, for example *1928! You then use this code for all your site passwords, facebook’s would be “facebook*1928!”, Flickr would be “flickr*1928!”, red bubble would be “red bubble*1928!”. All you have to remember is your code, (*1928!) and for every site you use the name of the site. Why is this important? Well for a number of reasons. Using such an approach will mean that you have a strong password, but it also allows you to get access to the web site from your phone, internet cafe, etc., without relying on a simple password – or trying to remember the different password for every site. It is always just the name of site plus your code. Simple, effective and most secure! Site name + code.

Wednesday 7th December 2011 – Clubnight

I came tonight equipped with a list of suggested topics gathered from the ad hoc survey last Wednesday evening with the intention of following up on at least one of the suggestions.

Just before we started Nigel reminded members that we should really turn our mobile phones off, particularly on Friday evenings particularly when we have a guest speaker.  Other news was that our new member Mike, had been in Castlewellan Park beside the lake  taking photos with his Nikon.  Heeding the advice often given “take two steps to the left/right to get a better composition”, he unfortunately slipped and fell in and drowned his Nikon . (Panasonic Lumix as it turned out) As if that wasn’t bad enough, he has broken his ankle.  We all wish him speedy recovery.  Mike, if you are reading this try putting your camera in a bag of dry rice for a couple of weeks.   This should go some way to drying it out, failing that enjoy a nice Nikon Panasonic rice pudding!

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Mentoring: yet another ‘baldrick cunning plan’.

Sometimes; on our camera club days out (and as a natural extension of our ‘Wednesday Club’) we have informally assigned ‘mentors’ to help out the beginners. This seems to have worked well, from the feedback we have received, but what if we were to take a similar approach all year round?

The idea is really simple. A willing ‘advanced’ member takes a ‘beginner’ under their wing and shares their knowledge, skills and experience. Continue reading