Wednesday 30th November 2011 – Clubnight

Tonight saw an overwhelming submission of memory sticks with photographs for critique.  There were more than we had time to show and discuss when we finished after 10:00pm.

Quite a number of members rose to the challenge of taking photographs within 200 yards (or metres for you younger ones).   Some didn’t even go outside their front door, preferring to shoot still life arrangements of forks etc. with excellent results.

Others probably had an elastic measuring tape but nevertheless produced some great images.

Ann Groves’ images taken at Mountstewart were excellent.  This was helped by a fixture produced by Noel to hold her camera steady to her walking aid.   Somehow, a number of her images were out of focus which we presumed was due to the AF/MF switch on the side of her lens being accidentally moved to manual focus.   This is always  useful to pre-check Auto Focus, along with ISO before any shooting session.

Others submitted photos of Mountstewart Gardens and the wonderful reflected colours in the lake.

Bobby showed us what could be done using extension tubes, extended exposure and a torch and some flowers.

I took the opportunity just before tea-break to pass around 2 clipboards and asked all those present to write down what particular activity they wanted to see on Wednesday evenings.   There are some thoughts around that we might consider introducing more structure into Wednesdays.  The summarised list taken directly from the sheets are shown below.

For Committee Members, remember that there is a Committee Meeting at 6:30pm on Friday 2nd December.

Request Details Category
More explaination of Avs Audio Visuals
Calibration(of monitors and printers) Computer
Various types of files used for pictures Computer
Transferring photos from camera to computer then to memory stick Computer
Lightroom colour adjusting Lightroom
How to resize photos in Photoshop Photoshop
Resizing Photoshop
Handouts with Photoshop Instruction Photoshop
Elements V Lightroom – 2 or 3 photos = basic adjustment Photoshop
Evening/Still Life / Photoshop / Lightroom Photoshop
Working with Photoshop Photoshop
Black and White photography Tips Practical photography
Close-up Portraits Practical photography
Flash Photography Practical photography
Camera Techniques (Go through DVD) Practical photography
Filters Practical photography
composition Practical photography
More Camera, Less computer Practical photography
Bracketing Practical photography
How to get pure B & W Photos Practical photography
Mastering the use of Manual Setting Practical photography
How to take night shots Practical photography
Motion Shots Practical photography
Use of Flashgun Practical photography
Composition, framing of subject etc. Practical photography
How to take sports shots, action. Practical photography
Film and darkroom Practical photography
More on structure of compositions Practical photography
How to take fast moving sports shots Practical photography
Theme Nights / lighting Studio
Regular Studio sessions (once a month), not just portraiture but Still Life, Lighting etc. Studio
Studio, still life and fashion Studio

One thought on “Wednesday 30th November 2011 – Clubnight

  1. For the first time, we had so many USB memory sticks that viewing the photography took up the whole evening! We even had 2 sticks unseen. Just as we were trying the re address the balance from too much talk about photography software and more on members photos, we have swung the other way and spent a whole evening just looking and discussing photography!

    That is the beauty of our Wednesday evenings, we just do what we want. But we now have a list of subjects that members want to be covered. They don’t have to be covered by Mark Allen or David Roberts. Indeed it would be much better if we could encourage others to take the chair and discuss stuff from the list. So; please examine the list and if you feel you could share your knowledge, skills and experience on any of the topics requested please let us know.

    It is right and proper that if you want to give a short talk on any of these topics that you are given some time to prepare.

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