How to use this Blog

In the past; our club blog was on our website, it only allowed you to view. This new blog, created by David Roberts, allows you to participate! You can, and are encouraged to, make comments.

How do I do this?

Each ‘blog’ has a heading title and to the right of it you will see a comic ballon icon. If the balloon is empty it means that no one has replied. If it has a number in it – then this will tell you how many folk have made a reply. Simply double click on the balloon and you will see the full post and offer you an area to make your reply. We encourage you to do so. Be aware that all feedback is monitored, as this is an open blog, and your post may not appear for a while.


2 thoughts on “How to use this Blog

  1. I have discussed this with David Roberts and he is going to tweak the settings – so that you will have to click to see the full post. This will then have a ‘Leave a comment’ box open at the bottom of the page. (Coming soon to a blog near you!)

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