Possible Camera Club Day Out: Sunday 11th December 2011.

Kathleen McCreesh, a former member of the club has invited all BNDCC members to join her ‘Shutter Bugs’ for a day out to the Ulster Folk Park at Cultra.

Kathleen joined BNDCC as a beginner, with an IT training background. Within a year she achieved much success in our local club competitions and scored highly in the NIPA Beginners Competition. Her work also helped us win the first NI _V_ Spain competition.

Her work commitments took her away to England, but as result of the recession she has had to move back home to County Armagh. She has been following the exploits of the club, especially the success of our recent ‘Ladies Night’, and would be keen to meet up.


2 thoughts on “Possible Camera Club Day Out: Sunday 11th December 2011.

  1. Sorry I wont be able to make it as I have to work on Sunday the joys of working in retail at christmas
    Would like to attend any other outings in future if possible

  2. All members of BNDCC are invited to attend:

    “The first ever photographic MONTHLY MEET-UP of the SHUTTER BUG GROUP

    Hello Everyone!!

    Christmas time is one of the most magical all year through! Not just for the Christmas Turkey and gifts but also for the festivity, colour, decorations, markets, shopping, city lights, family get-togethers and spontenious carolling around the Christmas tree!

    Our first Photographic Monthly Meet Up being in December is a fantastic opportunity to capture some of this festivity and even better the Ulster Folk and Transport Museum are planning to host a Old fashioned spirit of Christmas Past event which should offer lots to see and capture. To find out more, here is a link to the event on their website: http://www.nmni.com/uftm/What-s-on/Events/The-Spirit-of-Christmas-Past

    There are entry fees into the museum – Click here for more info and on the 11th, the fee is a MAJOR EVENT DAY – £8 per adult: http://www.nmni.com/uftm/Visiting-Information/Admission-prices

    We will meet in the carpark of the folk museum at 11am on Sunday 11th December! The museum is located just past the Culloden hotel on the Belfast – Bangor road. It may be a good idea to pack a lunch and bring your flasks – My recent beginners group (Nadine & John) will no doubt bring the whole kitchen lol as they are the most organised people ever when it comes to planning tea breaks 😉 There is a train stop near by, so if you prefer to skip the city traffic, catch the train and get off at the Cultra station. The museum is sign-posted from there.

    Make sure you have all of your camera gear, batteries fully charged and empty memory cards as I imagine there will be a lot to photograph on the day :)”

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