Wednesday 7th December 2011 – Clubnight

I came tonight equipped with a list of suggested topics gathered from the ad hoc survey last Wednesday evening with the intention of following up on at least one of the suggestions.

Just before we started Nigel reminded members that we should really turn our mobile phones off, particularly on Friday evenings particularly when we have a guest speaker.  Other news was that our new member Mike, had been in Castlewellan Park beside the lake  taking photos with his Nikon.  Heeding the advice often given “take two steps to the left/right to get a better composition”, he unfortunately slipped and fell in and drowned his Nikon . (Panasonic Lumix as it turned out) As if that wasn’t bad enough, he has broken his ankle.  We all wish him speedy recovery.  Mike, if you are reading this try putting your camera in a bag of dry rice for a couple of weeks.   This should go some way to drying it out, failing that enjoy a nice Nikon Panasonic rice pudding!

Suddenly we heard a mobile phone ring.  A certain person quickly made an exit amid great laughter.   I remembered that mine was on and quickly turned it off.   Little did I know till I got home that Mark decided to ring me from the back of the room, but I beat him by about 5 seconds.   Good try Mark.

Mark also spent time with Angus and Deborah helping him with Audio Visual.

Jack was first in with his memory stick with an AV Early Morning on the Quoile.  He wanted feedback particularly on the music.  It was a beautiful show, however he agreed that he needs to slightly tweak the phrasing of the music at the end.   The music was ideal for the subject.

When working our way through photographs on memory sticks I tried to return to the original concept of our critique sessions where we take it in turns in seeking comment on the photos.   This took us up to teabreak which seemed to go on till 9.45.  This was fine because most people wanted to chat and network.   I took a bit of time out to explain to Angus and Paul the use of the Zone System in metering and gave them a video tutorial to work through.

We had a little chat about the frequency of the suggested studio sessions.   After some debate we decided to settle on the SECOND WEDNESDAY in the month.  Please bring your camera and any flash guns you may have as we might vary between off-camera flash,  built in flash or studio flash.   It would help if some still-life props were brought along also.

As it looked as if everyone wanted a good chat, we finished up the night exchanging ideas in small groups or one-to-one.

I later spoke with Mark regarding mentoring, which is covered by him in an earlier entry in this blog.


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