Internet Passwords

For members that are new to computers and the Internet the subject of passwords can become very confusing. Almost every forum, user group, social networking site will expect you to have a screen name (normally your real name), a ‘user id’ (normally your email address) and a password. But how do you remember them all?

I use this simple system for internet passwords, it is very, very secure. Think of a number, the tele no of your last house, the pin you use of your phone, or the Fibonacci code, it doesn’t matter what it is – as long as you will always remember it. So, for example your number is 1928. For every site you are asked for a password you use 1928, but you add a special character before and after the number. By a special character I mean using the shift key to get a ” ! ” or a ” * “, or a ” ~” This becomes your ‘code’, for example *1928! You then use this code for all your site passwords, facebook’s would be “facebook*1928!”, Flickr would be “flickr*1928!”, red bubble would be “red bubble*1928!”. All you have to remember is your code, (*1928!) and for every site you use the name of the site. Why is this important? Well for a number of reasons. Using such an approach will mean that you have a strong password, but it also allows you to get access to the web site from your phone, internet cafe, etc., without relying on a simple password – or trying to remember the different password for every site. It is always just the name of site plus your code. Simple, effective and most secure! Site name + code.


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