Wednesday 21st December 2011 – Clubnight

Well, here we are at the shortest day of the year and the temperature soared to an amazing 12 degrees after a really cold spell.   No chance of a white Christmas.   Exactly 1 year ago we were at the opposite side of the zero line, -12 degrees!!

Tonight’s blog is dedicated to Christine who showed signs of “blog withdrawal syndrome”.

There was no blog for last Friday’s competition night and she was lost for information.  Unfortunately neither John nor I  were able to get there and so far there is no writeup or photos, but I am assured that winners information and photos will be forthcoming.

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Tonight we had a new visitor in the club, an Ulsterman who now lives just outside Banf, in the Rocky Mountains in Alberta Canada.   He was a member of a local camera club there and came along to sample how we operate as a club.   In his own words, Its the Norn Iron humour and banter which makes our wee club shine out.   His appears to be much more reserved.

Darren kindly brought in a copy of a stunning timelapse video created with a large number of single shots.   The novel thing about this show was that the camera also panned.  I’m told this was achieved on a dolly type rig.  In the Training Videos section of this blog is an excellent and understandable video by Gavin Hoey showing the technique of timelapse photography, something I’m going to have a try at.

It was good for Edward, a new member, to bring along his first memory stick of photos, and good they were.   His selection included a beautiful sunrise over Island Hill plus several quaint French village narrow street scenes.

Julie produced an excellent Pictures to Exe AV from her collection of autumn scenes.   Real improvements there.

Angela showed us some of her shots where she was experimenting with Manual control and hoping to have a soft blurred background of some flowers.  The outcome of this was that Angela was advised to use a tripod for flower shots, considering the low lighting situation she was using.

Mark had with him an AV of St. Marks Congregation’s gardens with excellent flower shots including shots of poppies shot from ground level.

At this point, tea was served and a special thanks to Mike for the cake and to Shirley for the mince pies.

After tea, Paul Spurdens treated us to a bit of nostalgia with an illustrated talk on twin lens reflex cameras and 5 x 4 inch plate film from the 1930s.  It was interesting to see the cutaway diagrams of the inners of  the cameras.   He finished by loading an actual nfg film into the Rolliflex and demonstrating its operation.

Harry had only one photo to show us and it was to wish everyone a Merry Christmas.

Davy Cooper showed a nice little Christmas AV featuring the singing voice of Elvis.   The last thing I saw was Christine in dispute with Davy about whethere it was Elvis or not.

Anyway, here’s wishing everyone a very merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


5 thoughts on “Wednesday 21st December 2011 – Clubnight

  1. On Wednesday evening 21 December I showed my first stick of images and
    was delighted with the favorable comments made, so thank you all for your kind
    remarks. I must say that some comments pointed out my failings and this is
    good as well, as I should accept and welcome all comments if I show images
    in the forum of a camera club.

    Ed McCavana

  2. Welcome back…..see you was missed anyway great wee night tonight and its good to see the banter still sells our wee club, its our friendly approach and teabreaks not bad either its all this photography business gets in the way only joking nice to see i got sorted out tonight with a mentor no doubt i will torment him, sorry Noel if you drew the short straw with me but I am picking up more and more each day i now know a wee bit about F-stops and ISO’s previously i thought you lot were being rude ha ha anyway welcome back and hopefully Mr McMorris will sort out those results soonnite nite and thanks for being a brilliant wee club

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