Wednesday 28th December 2011 – Clubnight.

This was the last clubnight of the year and what a miserable windy wet night we had.  Nevertheless 8 brave souls turne out.  Maybe it was a case of ‘somewhere to go to just to get out of the house.’

We were again pleased to see our Canadian visitor, Bill Warmington from Canmore Camera Club based near Banff, Alberta  come and see us.  The evening developed into a simple group chat and the discussions covered everything except photography and covered such topics as scamming telephone calls and how to respond to them.   Henry informed us of an email purporting to come from him with a hyperlink  inviting you to look at the photograph.    If you get one of these DO NOT open the link.   Trash the email.

Julie was the only one to bring photos on a memory stick, so I persuaded her to try out the chair at the computer and use Faststone Image Viewer and show us her selection.  She chose closeup shots of cabbages with raindrops.   She had excellent photos to show us which were taken in Manual mode on a tripod and using her new flashgun (a Christmas present).    I think Julie will be a great standin if neither Mark or I are able to attend!

Velia was early with the tea tonight and sought some advice on taking some shots in a restaurant where she is taking her mother for her birthday.

At closeup, I talked with Bill, our visitor and suggested that he should keep in touch with us and maybe we can foster some sort of inter-club activity via the internet similar to the Spanish club.


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