Wednesday 4th January 2012 – Clubnight

Tonight we intended to do something a little bit different.  As a follow-on from previous discussions on mentoring, the plan was, for part of the evening, to gather together in individual mentoring groups and discuss some detailed aspects of camera operation.

There were initially two groups, one led by Mark and another by myself.   Mark’s group were Nikon users whilst mine were Canon users.

Before this however, I set up my camera on a tripod at the front of the room and attached an intervalometer.   The intention was to take one photo every 5 seconds for a total of 20 minutes giving 240 frames.   After focusing and setting the ISO to 640, I disabled autofocus, image stabiliser, and set the quality to JPG.

The shooting was initialised and left to run for 20 minutes.  I’ll have the results next week.

Meanwhile I was surprised at how many turned up on a night where there was a howling gale outside with pouring rain.

I was encouraged to see the level of participation in the groups and soon David Best joined on the periphery of my group for individual instruction to May Carvill and her new pink/burgandy Canon 1100D.

We had yet another visitor tonight, Mitzi, from Donaghadee who has had some experience before in film cameras and has purchased a Fujifilm compact camera and was keen to come to grips with digital imaging.

After tea, so beautifully served by Henry, we had Mark show us several very inexpensive eBooks covering such subjects as Composition.  He has provided a direct link to these sites in the previous post below.  The eBooks cost in the region of £2.99.

I gave a short demonstration of my first attempts at Timelapse where I shot a sequence over 20 minutes at 5 second intervals at home.   The whole timelapse ran at 24 frames per second and lasted 10 seconds.

As is normal, memory sticks accumulated at the computer desk.   Amongst most  memorable photographs were those from Michael Rice showing a young boy lit by coloured lighting and colourful reflections outside Castle Court shopping centre.  Excellent.

There will be no meeting on Friday 6th January, instead we will be at the Esplanade Hotel in Ballyholme for our annual Christmas Dinner.  7.30 for 8.00pm.   Can attendees please bring something for the Raffle which is customary.

Next Wednesday, will be Studio Night, so bring your camera.  If you want to shoot still life, bring your own props.   I spoke to someone today and perhaps we will have a surprise mystery model attending.




One thought on “Wednesday 4th January 2012 – Clubnight

  1. cheers for the update its always nice to know we can check this out and see what we missed……but there was no way i was coming down to the club with my gob the shape it was dont you just love the way the dentist inflicts all that pain and then has the cheek to charge you for it….anyway looking forward to Friday night just need to try and remember what i ordered lol

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