Wednesday 25th January 2012 – Clubnight

Mark kindly opened the evening by reviewing some photographs from memory sticks.  As well as some of my own, we had an excellent selection from Angus.

Last Wednesday eveningTrevor Reid asked me to show him how to cut mounts for his photos, so I set up the mount cutting table early in the evening.  Somehow the steel ruler which is hung on the side of the table was missing.  Noel kindly went home and brought in a tape rul and plastic school type ruler.  Bill Nesbitt also suggested that mounts can be ordered from a company pre-cut at reasonable prices.  I heard some debate in the background as to whether these prices quoted included postage.   From my observations of the company website, postage was extra.

Trevor brought a sheet of mount board and we chatted about measuring to optimise the yield from the board.  I normally try to get 4 mounts from a board, however to achieve a 5cm border around an A4 print there would have to be some compromise.  As it happened the 5cm was reduced slightly to achieve this.    Everyone standing around the table was reminded that one of the rules is ‘measure twice, cut once’.   The idea of the session was not for me to do the cutting but to start it iff and quickly hand it over to the ‘pupil’ to cut the mount themselves.  After cutting the board into 4 pieces, the first piece was marked out on the back face, double checked against the print ensuring that the window was smaller than the print.  When using the 45 degree bevel cutter it is important to have a scrap piece of mount card under the cut to prevent ragged edges, and of course, a sharp blade.   I did the first cut then handed over to Trevor who finished the other three and the blank center fell out.  Well done.  He repeated the same for his second mount and again, a perfect result.

Whilst this was taking place, Mark had a group around the computer explaining the procedure for resizing photographs.

After tea, I spent some time with Angus, Deborah and Alex on the question od suitable lenses for his Canon. I brought along two for him to check out, a Sigma 18-250 Optical Stabilised lens and Sigma 10-20mm wide angle lens.

At the back of the room John Bennett and Alan McMorris were experimenting with close-up portraits using off-camera flash.   I expect we will see some of these in a future competition.

The rest of the evening was a general chat-about amongst members.   I had a discussion with Helen about producing a photobook of her daughter’s wedding and promised to bring in a copy of the albelli editor software and demonstrate the finer points in its use.  Meanwhile she should download a copy herself, play with it and then she will understand more when we look at it next week.   I pointed out that albelli issue regular discount offers and if she can, she should hold off ordering till one of these comes through.  So that’s one of the items for next Wednesday evening.


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