Wednesday 1st February 2012 – Clubnight

Good turnout as usual tonight.  My first session was with Paul who brought along his Compaq Pressario laptop to get some guidance on the use of Photoshop.

After a few minutes, it became obvious that this laptop didn’t have the horsepower to drive a resource hungry application such as Photoshop.  Upon reflection with Paul, we agreed that Faststone Image viewer was more than adequate for his current needs and far less demanding on his PC.

To get things started, Alan McMorris supplied a hard disk with current and past NIPA photo entries, including beginners group.

Whilst there were a substantial number of excellent images on view, there were a number of HDR effect images which in my opinion and some others had been over manipulated.  I think this is probably one of the reasons that some judges in competitions treat HDR with distain.  HDR is great, where its is needed and not ‘over-cooked’.     Also there was quite a bit of evidence of considerable manipulation in Photoshop, particularly in images of models, to make them look unreal or commercial art type.  There again, this is only my personal opinion.    Part of the object of showing the images was to give our members a view of what other clubs were submitting and what we might have to do to raise our game.

MArk had assembled a number of his mentoring group at the back of the room for a short while.  One of the difficulties Mark and I talked about later was the diverse experience amongst those being mentored.   Once the bright and warmer weather comes, it would work well out on practical outdoor sessions (even close by the clubroom).

Jack submitted two Digital AV’s done in Proshow Gold followed by an interesting timelapse of a real wood burning open hearth fire by Angus.   Its amazing just what a real fire looks like on timelapse 5 second intervals.

New member William also showed us some of his photos.

Feedback on Facebook suggested that we might invite Ralph Bennett to allow the studio photographing of his excellent collection of prints and build them into an AV for him, such was the delight of the members to see his great work.

Next Wednesday will be studio night.  Please bring some props as well as your cameras and external flash guns if you have one.


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