Friday 3rd February 2012 – Competition Night Round 4 Club/NIPA

Only a minor club rule prevented May Carvill notching up a hat trick in the Bangor and North Down Camera Club’s Open competition on Friday. May’s images merited first, second and third places in the Foundation Projected Digital Image section but the rules prevent anyone from achieving a clean sweep so Julie Campbell’s picture was promoted to third spot. Nevertheless it was a remarkable achievement by May whose daughter Deborah took the runner-up honours in the Advanced section. This was won by Bill Cardwell with Alan McMorris providing both entries for joint third.

The guest judge, Stephen McWilliams (Christian Brothers Past Pupils Union Camera Club) stressed that he generally judged the Advanced and Foundation entries by differing standards. While the more experienced photographers warranted close and critical surveys of their work the Foundation members should be judged in a more constructive manner – affording them comments which could offer advice on how to improve their efforts.

Nevertheless he was impressed by the standard of many of the beginners’ images – Leanne Kerr’s “A girl who sees beauty” caught his eye for first place in the Colour section with Edward McCavana claiming second and third spots.

In the Foundation monochrome competition some of the entries were let down by poor print quality while quite a few others could have been improved by judicious cropping. The judge commented on the number of sunsets on display , remarking on how lucky the residents of Bangor appeared to be in that respect – a comment well received on one of the coldest nights of the year!

Bobby Peacock was the winner of the Foundation monochrome competition with a dramatic portrayal of everyday objects – two table forks transformed by the light of a single hand torch and a fifteen second exposure; David McVeigh and Edward Cavanna provided the placings. Ray Magill brought back a memory of Spain with a striking monochrome depiction of a bridge entitled “Spanish Harp” and this earned him the winning points in the Advanced Monochrome section; Hugh Rooney claimed both second and third ratings.

The guest judge, Stephen McWilliams was very impressed by the winning entry in the Advanced colour competition; Harry Watson’s “Circle of the Mind”was a kaleidoscopic portrayal of a smoke induced image in dramatic colours on a dark background.

John Bennett


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