Wednesday 15th February 2012 – Clubnight

We had a new virtual visitor at the clubroom tonight in the form of a (P)rofessional Photographer “Missy” all the way from USA.

Missy entertained us for a few minutes on a YouTube video explaining just how easy it was to become a professional photographer. With big dark eyes and cherry red lipstick and an American drawl, she was convinced that you only had to set the dial on your camera to P, the Professional Mode and let the camera look after everything for itself.  We also viewed another episode about entering print competitions.  Very educational!

Try this link to watch Missy.

Once again we view photos brought in on memory sticks.  Angus, Julie and Kevin showed us their work.  Kevin’s photos were quite unique.  They were taken from the top of the Goliath crane at Harland and Wolf shipyard.   From there we saw the building dock with partially assembled wind turbines ready for transport by barge.

Helen brought in her Canon EOS film camera to seek advice about types of film.   I was able to give her a little list of Fuji and Kodak Negative films to try.   Maybe we will see the results of her shots.




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