Friday 30th March 2012 – Clubnight – Submission of Exhibition Prints

Tonight’s meeting was different from the normal Friday sessions.  This was  the occasion where members submitted their best work (which I think they keep hidden throughout the year) for entry into the Club’s Annual Exhibition.

Various stacks of prints carefully placed downfacing on a number of chairs were booked in to the competition under Advanced and Foundation levels, and within these, three groups, 3 Portrait, 3 Landscape and 5 General prints per individual.   Prints remain anonymous with only a title and Club Number until the external judge reaches his/her conclusion.

At a subsequent meeting we will have the Judge give a Post-Mortem on the entries.

I think most members there enjoyed the informal chat amongst themselves and made detailed arrangements for Sunday morning’s outing to Portavoe Reservoir.

There will be no meeting next Friday, it being Good Friday, however the Wednesday sessions continue.

Wednesday 28th March 2012 – Clubnight

From feedback last week a number of members are unsure of the methods available for transferring image files from their camera to their computer ‘s hard disk and loading into software such as Adobe Lightroom.   Those of us who have been involved with computers for years take this type of task for granted and it’s so easy to forget that we were once at that stage.  One of tonight’s objectives was to give a detailed instruction on how to carry out this process.

Also from last week, Mandy asked me to help her in cutting mounts for the forthcoming Exhibition print submissions.  When I arrived at the clubroom, someone had kindly set out the mount cutting table.

Mark agreed to do the file transfer session whilst I helped Mandy who had brought along 8 prints for mounting, some 8″ x 12″ and some 8″ x 10″.   The mount boards purchased in Easons allow 4 mounts to be cut from it to fit 8″ x 12″ prints.  During the mount cutting process it turned out that Mandy is left handed and the kit which we have at the club is suited to right handed operators so I continued to cut the mounts for her. Continue reading

Friday 23rd March 2012 – Clubnight – Ruth Kelly & Patsy Reilly

When a group of Irish surgeons planned a mercy trip to a children’s hospital in Vietnam Ruth Kelly asked to be allowed to go to make a photographic record of the venture. The dramatic images she brought back formed the basis of her talk to the Club on Friday evening. It was standing room only at the Ward Avenue venue as Ruth and her colleague Patsy Reilly from the Drogheda Camera Club shared their pictures and their photographic philosophies with their County Down fellow enthusiasts.

Ruth’s panel depicted the Irish doctors passing on their knowledge and expertise to their Vietnamese counterparts in Ho Chi Minh city. Many of the images showed young children before and after surgery as she was granted full access to the operating area in the hospital. The impact of the trauma felt by close members of the children’s families was particularly touching and was brought to life graphically by her use of monochrome. Continue reading

Wednesday 21st March 2012 – Clubnight

Nigel has circulated members requesting that we restrict the number of images for critique strictly to 6, thereby allowing adequate time for detailed critique.   He also suggested that we make use of our Lightroom and Photoshop software to not only view the images but also to demonstrate the correction techniques actually being used.  The plan as of today is to upgrade Lightroom to version 4.

The plan for tonight was for all those who took photographs of little Eva during our Studio Night, to bring them along and show them to her and her mother Luci.   Unfortunately due to domestic commitments, Luci and Eva couldn’t attend.

We did however copy all the photos from the memory sticks into one folder on the computer for critique.   Big mistake!  Identifying the author of the various shots resulted in poor Angus (who couldn’t be  here either) being associated with another member’s  Canon 1100D photos.

Still, we managed and it was noted that the quality of images supplied was excellent.  Eva made a super model with very clear skin and bright eyes and posed as a person being advanced for her tender years.  Some people thought that the red colour of the stool was not right compared with the bright red trousers.   I think they were right.  I wonder if it would sell on E**y. Continue reading

Friday 16th March – Club Panels Competition

On the eve of St Patrick’s Day the Club had a visit from a leprechaun called Paddy. The little fellow,complete with tall hat and red beard, didn’t find the legendary pot of gold at the end of the rainbow but consoled himself instead  by picking up one of the top prizes in the annual  Panels competition.

Shirley Graham (Paddy’s alter ego) was on holiday in Amsterdam when she spotted a selection of exotic fruit on display in neatly packed cases. This provided the inspiration for her half dozen prints which took top placing in the Foundation Colour competition. Julie Campbell’s study of a misty pier was second and Edward McCavana’s holiday scenes third. Continue reading

Titanic Yardmen Cycle and Walk

Titanic Yardmen Cycle and Walk

‘Be part of the Titanic centenary celebrations by participating in the Titanic Yardmen Cycle and Walk on 1st April 2012 (12pm – 2pm) in aid of Bowel Cancer UK’

Walk or cycle the route that thousands of yardmen took to work each day , tuck into your ‘piece’ on the Titanic slipways and help recreate this iconic image of 1900’s yardmen .

To register for the event please visit and click the ‘Yardmen Registration Ticket’ button on the left of screen or
Registration fee includes your personalised Yardmen Ticket, a Yardmen pack, refreshments and your very own duncher/flat cap. Register early as numbers for this event are strictly limited to the first 1,000 applicants.
For more information call 90467925 or go to

Wednesday 14th March 2012 – Clubnight – Studio Shoot.

The second Wednesday evening in the month is now becoming established as an opportunity to hone our skills in studio shooting and making use of the great facility we have at the clubroom.

Tonight we had a beautiful little 8 year old girl, Eva as our model.   She was accompanied by her mum Luci.  Originally I had arranged with Darren that we do an introductory shoot on Monday evening to avoid the inevitable large group of eager Togs from overwhelming her.  She had never posed before and was very excited about it.   However, having been down to the clubroom early and set up the studio equipment, suddenly the NIPA judging group arrived and the horrible truth of double booking was obvious.  I happened because I wasn’t at the Friday meeting when it was mentioned that judging of Round 5 NIPA would take place.  The shoot was posponed till Wednesday. Continue reading