Wednesday 7th March 2012 – Bernie Brown and Gerry Coe – Bangor Library

ImageQuite a few club members turned up at Carnegie Library in Bangor to attend a presentation aptly named “Shooting Life as it Happens”.  Indeed the room was full and when I booked a place on Monday afternoon, only 5 places were available.

This afternoon’s presentation was hosted by Bernie Brown and our own Gerry Coe.  It turned out to be a truly inspiring session.

Before our presenters commenced we had an opportunity to examine a very extensive exhibition of photographs by students and tutors from South East Regional College (I still know it as Bangor Tech where I spent a number of years studying photography).

Bernie had presented a selection of her work at the front and after introducing herself and giving us a history of her photographic career after leaving her Loss Adjuster job, then to a regional newspaper photographer through to Senior Photographer at the Belfast Newsletter.   She showed us some of her famous front page photos including the “Chuckle Brothers”.

Each of her framed prints was explained detail with the underlying theme of Shooting Life as it Happens.  Her style is not the same as other Landscape photographers in that she doesn’t hang around for hours of days trying to get that special shot.  she simply grabs the opportunity and the stunning scene as it presents itself to her.  Deadlines has been her byword.  In a conversation with Bernie later, she is also a Canon user.

More of her work can be seen at


Gerry Coe, the co-presenter is a familiar face to those of us in Bangor and North Down Camera Club, gave us a potted history of his career in photography then proceeded to show us his High Key prints based on conventional film and darkroom techniques, followed by his slow transition to digital which he said convinced him that he didn’t want ever to do darkroom/film work again.

He moved on to describe his next transition to iPhone photography and how it fascinated him.  This was supported by an excellent sample of work he has done and subsequently exhibited and sold.

This turned out to be a great afternoon session, which no doubt could be repeated at the club for those who  couldn’t attend, (or one individual who forgot!!).

David Roberts


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