Friday 9th March 2012 – Paul Moore

On Friday, Paul Moore came along and showed us a selection of his work and told us how he got into photography.

He was studying an Arts degree at University of Wales, Newport, and his interest in photography started there.

Paul started by showing his images with a series taken at local nightclubs, all long exposure (1 or 2 seconds) and with Flash.

This created a mix of bright colour movement and the flash stopping the action on the subjects, all very atmospheric.

He also had some pictures that were for accepted into the Royal Ulster Academy annual exhibition, one of a man seemingly shouting at himself and the most recent one of a building in Belfast.

The old saying of “Always carry a Camera” proved very true when he was in Lower Donegall street one day and looking across the road was a lovely Pink car with walls of Graffiti behind it and no other cars around, a golden opportunity.

Paul certainly had the Friday night crowd entertained and informed and also I think quite a few people interested in experimenting with some new ideas.

Gerry Coe


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