Wednesday 14th March 2012 – Clubnight – Studio Shoot.

The second Wednesday evening in the month is now becoming established as an opportunity to hone our skills in studio shooting and making use of the great facility we have at the clubroom.

Tonight we had a beautiful little 8 year old girl, Eva as our model.   She was accompanied by her mum Luci.  Originally I had arranged with Darren that we do an introductory shoot on Monday evening to avoid the inevitable large group of eager Togs from overwhelming her.  She had never posed before and was very excited about it.   However, having been down to the clubroom early and set up the studio equipment, suddenly the NIPA judging group arrived and the horrible truth of double booking was obvious.  I happened because I wasn’t at the Friday meeting when it was mentioned that judging of Round 5 NIPA would take place.  The shoot was posponed till Wednesday.

Anyway, we gathered this evening, set out the equipment and I tethered my camera to the computer using Canon’s EOS utility so that any shots I took would be displayed on the screen moments later.

The plan was for those who brought their cameras, after shooting in a disciplined manner, should provide a selection of images on a memory stick for projection next Wednesday evening in the company of Eva and Luci.  From that a CD/DVD of images will be provided to Luci as a momento.  If anyone can produce a good A4 sized print, they can do so.   As it turned out, Eva really enjoyed the whole experience and was not bothered by all the commotion.  She was a real natural model.

During the tea break, Alli became the model for a few of the lady members and looking at some of the in-camera results, she could be our next model.  Her red hair was really striking especially when picked out by the light focussed on the top of her hair.

Eva changed into a lovely blue flowing dress and more shots taken.  Angela took some images of Eva lying flat on the floor with he long hair laid out.  Looking forward to seeing everyone’s results.  By the way, please do not publish Eva’s photo on Facebook or other  social media.  We need to be aware of Child Protection as well as the fact that we did not get specific permission to publish them.

It turns out that Eva does Irish dancing but being conscious of Eva’s age and the fact that it was getting late, we didn’t, on this occasion get an opportunity to see her in action.   Maybe another time.

Bill Nesbitt persuaded Luci to have her photo taken with Luci, even though she was reluctant at first.  Its nice to have such photos as a momento.

Thanks Eva and Luci.

David Roberts


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