Friday 16th March – Club Panels Competition

On the eve of St Patrick’s Day the Club had a visit from a leprechaun called Paddy. The little fellow,complete with tall hat and red beard, didn’t find the legendary pot of gold at the end of the rainbow but consoled himself instead  by picking up one of the top prizes in the annual  Panels competition.

Shirley Graham (Paddy’s alter ego) was on holiday in Amsterdam when she spotted a selection of exotic fruit on display in neatly packed cases. This provided the inspiration for her half dozen prints which took top placing in the Foundation Colour competition. Julie Campbell’s study of a misty pier was second and Edward McCavana’s holiday scenes third.

Visiting judge Peter Knott commented on the very high overall quality of the entries this year remarking that most of the entrants had grasped the importance of not only displaying good images but arranging in them in a sequence which offered a geometric and aesthetic tableau. Trevor Reid followed the guidelines well with his winning shots of a harbour in the Foundation monochrome section.

In the Advanced Colour contest Mr Knott had difficulty separating the winners from the others, such was the  high standard of the work but eventually Alan Hartley took the number one spot with an evocative series of shots of a rusting passenger ferry boat . It later transpired that the vessel in question was the Duke of Lancaster, for many years one of the British Rail ships that ran on the nightly service from Belfast to Heysham but now left to rust at a dockside in Wales. However it brought back vivid memories for one member because Eddie Wright had served as a crew member on the vessel many years ago. Hugh Rooney’s colourful Venice Carnival was runner up with Bill Cardwell’s thoughtful arrangement of books in a bookcase was third.

Ray Magill used a similar tactic to excellent effect to win the Advanced Mono competition; he arranged mementos of various holidays into a box and photographed them six times. Deborah Carvill captured images of a forest to take second place.

There was a big entry in the projected Digital Image contest; Bobby Peacock won the Foundation race with his studies of Groomsport in the mist. Mark Bell and Trevor Reid took the placings. Bill Cardwell was first in the Advanced selection ,focusing on close-ups of tulips. Deborah Carvill and Drew McAvoy were second and third.

John Bennett.


2 thoughts on “Friday 16th March – Club Panels Competition

  1. What a good night we all had chuffed to bits to get another First and Paddy GoBackwards enjoyed the wee nite too

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