Wednesday 21st March 2012 – Clubnight

Nigel has circulated members requesting that we restrict the number of images for critique strictly to 6, thereby allowing adequate time for detailed critique.   He also suggested that we make use of our Lightroom and Photoshop software to not only view the images but also to demonstrate the correction techniques actually being used.  The plan as of today is to upgrade Lightroom to version 4.

The plan for tonight was for all those who took photographs of little Eva during our Studio Night, to bring them along and show them to her and her mother Luci.   Unfortunately due to domestic commitments, Luci and Eva couldn’t attend.

We did however copy all the photos from the memory sticks into one folder on the computer for critique.   Big mistake!  Identifying the author of the various shots resulted in poor Angus (who couldn’t be  here either) being associated with another member’s  Canon 1100D photos.

Still, we managed and it was noted that the quality of images supplied was excellent.  Eva made a super model with very clear skin and bright eyes and posed as a person being advanced for her tender years.  Some people thought that the red colour of the stool was not right compared with the bright red trousers.   I think they were right.  I wonder if it would sell on E**y.

Such was the volume of Eva photos that it took almost all of the evening to review them.   Valuable lessons were learned from Mark regarding eyes.   Placement of studio lights is another issue which we will maybe experiment on the next studio night.  Due to the numbers attending we should restrict each individual’s time at the front actually taking photos.   Mark rightly pointed out that some people came down to the front without their camera settings sorted and this ate into valuable shooting time.   Kevin has agreed to put together a short presentation for next session on how to set up the commander mode for the built in flash on Nikon cameras. Often the difficulty of navigating around the menu systems on the various Nikon models can confuse new users.

Those with an external flash gun should take the opportunity to establish how to set the flash to manual mode on its lowest power settings.  This will permit them to trigger the studio lights without the need for the radio trigger.

Thanks to all who provided prints as well as digital images.   Darren will be burning these digital images to CD for presentation to Eva and her mum.

From the feedback I have been receiving there seems to be a need, especially amongst our lesser experienced members, to give detailed instruction on how to transfer images from the camera to the computer hard disk then onto a memory stick.  Many of us take this skill for granted and forget that we were all there at some time in the past.

If you would like detailed instruction, bring your camera, card and memory stick any Wednesday evening and we will take the approach of giving you direct hands-on practice and experience of this task.


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