Wednesday 28th March 2012 – Clubnight

From feedback last week a number of members are unsure of the methods available for transferring image files from their camera to their computer ‘s hard disk and loading into software such as Adobe Lightroom.   Those of us who have been involved with computers for years take this type of task for granted and it’s so easy to forget that we were once at that stage.  One of tonight’s objectives was to give a detailed instruction on how to carry out this process.

Also from last week, Mandy asked me to help her in cutting mounts for the forthcoming Exhibition print submissions.  When I arrived at the clubroom, someone had kindly set out the mount cutting table.

Mark agreed to do the file transfer session whilst I helped Mandy who had brought along 8 prints for mounting, some 8″ x 12″ and some 8″ x 10″.   The mount boards purchased in Easons allow 4 mounts to be cut from it to fit 8″ x 12″ prints.  During the mount cutting process it turned out that Mandy is left handed and the kit which we have at the club is suited to right handed operators so I continued to cut the mounts for her.

Simultaneously Mark gave a detailed instruction on image file transfer.  Eddie asked if there would be a handout giving detailed step by step instruction.  Mark suggested that YouTube contains visual instruction on nearly every conceivable operation and a simple Google search would show this step by step.  However, later in the evening Mark and I discussed this and he may produce a simple outline of the steps for Eddie and others.

Paul managed to closet himself away all evening in the darkroom to develop a roll of 2 1/4″ black and white film.  Its good to see the darkroom functioning.

The second half of the evening was devoted to review and critique of members photos supplied on memory sticks.   I managed to give John Bennett’s old Nikon D70 a thorough clean.  It had a particularly stubborn mark on the sensor which took several attempts to clear.

Someone asked if I would bring the sensor cleaning kit next week.  I agreed to this.   Just bring your camera and make sure that battery is fully charges and that you know how to lock up the mirror or set it to sensor cleaning manually.

Mark has arranged an outing on Sunday morning, meeting at the clubroom at 9.00am.  Everyone welcome.  if you have  a tripod, bring it.


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