Friday 27th April 2012 – Annual Exhibition Review and Feedback

Stanley Matchett with Peter Gibson

The annual  exhibition of the Club will be mounted later in the year and on Friday night the final selection was made from the many entries in numerous categories. The guest judge, Stanley Matchett  MBE is a Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society and no stranger to the Ward Avenue clubhouse. Having perused the prints for a week beforehand he admitted that in some of the categories there was only the smallest margin between the placings.

He expressed some slight surprise that there was not a bigger number of prints in the Portrait section  – given that the club has a fully equipped studio . However this was more than compensated for by a very healthy entry in all the other divisions.

An innovation this year was a category devoted to the Chairman’s Choice and Nigel Snell nominated the subject “Blue”.  Harry Watson took the Advanced  honours with Mark Bell finishing first in the Foundation. Continue reading

Friday 20th April 2012 – Annual Awards Dinner

May Carvill

Friday unveiled itself as another great night for the Bangor Camera Club members as the annual Exhibition / Club Dinner was held at the Esplanade in Bangor.

Everyone settled down to enjoy a wonderful meal excellently served up by the management and staff whom never disappoint us year on year.

The night really began when Gerry Coe gave us all a fashion parade. He was adorned in his Golden Limited Edition shirt and was greatly admired by all the ladies. As every photographer aways has a camera or camera phone at hand, it quickly turned into a photoshoot with Gerry as our glamorous model for a change. Gerry pulled out some fabulous poses and its fair to say that if this iPhone photography doesn’t work out he has another career in the fashion industry.

Gerry then fulfilled his Presidential duties of the night and together with Chairman Nigel Snell, presented and congratulated all the winners with their certificates and trophies. Continue reading

Wednesday 25th April 2012 – Clubnight

It was a cold stormy night on Wednesday but it was encouraging to see about 38 members face the weather and attend.

As is normal for a Wednesday evening there was no set agenda.  It wasn’t long before memory sticks started to appear at the computer.  Everyone seemed content for the first half hour to stand around and chat, in fact I had to make a call for  all to be seated.

From there, the first offering was a great Audio Visual by Noel Maitland comprised of photos recently taken on a short break in Fermanagh.  I thought that the accompanying music was very well chosen to suit the theme of the images.

Having not seen Davy Cooper for some time, he appeared this evening and with his usual flair, offered an AV which I understand was produced some considerable time ago on the format of a spoof 35mm slide show complete with Kodak slide mounts.  It comprised of a quantity of old scanned holiday photographs linked by a great ‘toff’ voiceover.  The outcome was hilarious and this certainly warmed up the group for the next offerings.

Congratulations were given to all those who did so well in receiving Cup  awards and certificates, specifically Trevor Reid, Photographer of the Year, and also to May Carvill who went home with her arms full of cups and certificates.

The remainder of the evening was spent reviewing and critique of photos.  Friday night is our annual Post Mortem evening where the judge of the Exhibition Competition will give us feedback on the prints and PDIs submitted.

BNDCC Summer Outings 2012

Saturday 5th May         Ulster American Folk Museum, Omagh

Immerse yourself in the world famous story of Irish emigration at the museum that brings it to life. Follow the emigrant trail as you journey from the thatched cottages of Ulster, on board a full scale emigrant sailing ship leading to the log cabins of the American Frontier.  Meet an array of costumed characters on your way with traditional crafts to show, tales to tell and food to share.


2 Mellon Road, Castletown, Omagh,
Co Tyrone BT78 5QU, Northern Ireland

Tel: +44 (0)28 8224 3292
The Ulster American Folk Park is located 5 miles north of Omagh on the main A5 road between Omagh and Strabane.


Saturday 2nd June       Whitehead Steam Railway Depot.

Island Magee in the afternoon

Saturday 7th July         The Irish Game Fair, Shane’s Castle, Antrim

Lough Beg afterwards depending on time / interest etc

Saturday 4th August   Benburb Mills – A Sean Barton tour!

Alan Hartley will publish more details about each outing closer to the time.

We plan to leave at 9am sharp from the Club. We generally meet up and organise drivers etc before leaving to share cars as much as possible.

Cost is £4.00 per person. This covers the cost of entry to venues and scones / tea for the morning. Sometimes there is no charge for getting in but this tends to be balanced out by other places where it costs more than £4.00.

Please bring your own lunch (although the girls usually have enough to feed everyone!)

Petrol money is sorted out by individual drivers on the day.

Wednesday 18th April 2012 – Clubnight

Before most of the members arrived I took a couple of our foundation members outside the clubroom with their cameras and we did a short practical exercise in shooting manual and setting our meter to an average tone and also how to recognise average tones and other zones on the zone system.   The chilling breeze directly from the sea kept the session short as my hands nearly stopped working.  We continued later in discussion during and after the tea break.

This evening we had invited Kirsty and Kayleigh, our young models from last week’s studio night to view the photographs taken.

A number of those who took part last week, didn’t turn up this week therefore we had only a relatively few images for the girls.

Contributors were Angus Gardiner, Bill Cardwell, Edward McCavana.   As normal, we viewed the images with a critical eye, and in so doing identified issued relating to the poses which the participating photographers asked our models to adopt.  One of the issues was the short time spent by each person taking the photographs and all felt that we need to slow up the pace so that more thought can be put into the posing and lighting. Continue reading

Friday and Saturday 13/14th April 2012 – Clubnight, Peter Hughes ARPS Panel / Clondalkin-BANDCC Print Battle and Outing

Peter Hughes - ARPS Panel

Last weekend was a busy time for the Club – both at home and away. On Friday night Peter Hughes, a past chairman displayed the images he had submitted for the successful award of Associate of the Royal Photographic Society. Describing the venture as a journey during which he learned much about his subject as well as his own approach to photography,  Peter admitted that he had undergone a less- than- enthusiastic period of a few years following his Licentiate award from the RPS but recovered his appetite after a visit to Valencia in Southern Spain.

The architectural beauty of the Arts and Science Park in that historic city sparked a revival of his interest to such an extent that he planned a second visit to capture the images he knew he would need to build a comprehensive portfolio . His fifteen monochrome pictures offered a graphic portrayal of the futuristic architecture which reminded Peter of his boyhood love of space travel, science fiction  and glimpses of the future. Entered in the Contemporary section his panel so impressed the judges that they used them as a demonstration set for other aspiring award seekers in England and Wales. Continue reading

Wednesday 11th April 2012 – Clubnight – Studio Session

It’s the second Wednesday evening in the month again and that’s designated as our Studio Night, intended to give members experience and confidence in both the use of their cameras and of the studio lighting system.

The experience of such evenings is that the enthusiasm of participants can easily create chaos with everyone wanting an opportunity to shoot.  Tonight, we had two lovely young ladies, one of whom was the niece of Michael Rice.  Kayleigh and Kirsty were with us for the first time and neither had modelled before, but were surprisingly calm at being is such an environment.

In order to keep some discipline and control, Julie created numbered slips of paper and distributed to shooters. Each person was allowed about 5 minutes and this included any last minute camera adjustments.  All in all, everyone was very cooperative and this helped to relieve the pressure down at the front of the studio.

With a large group such as we had this evening, detailed experimentation with single light illumination and other special effects was limited.  This is best done with only one or two photographers on another non-meeting night.  Continue reading