Wednesday 4th April 2012 – Clubnight

Tonight was Darren’s turn to take us a trip around Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4 which we recently purchased.

He loaded up a small diverse selection of his photographs and demonstrated to us the basic steps from importing RAW files into the Library catalogue, through the various Library view modes and then on to the export stage which essentially converts your RAW file into JPG, Tiff or PSD formats.    When in the Develop module, Darren used a recent photo of little Eva taken in the studio where there were some shadows below her eyes and eyebrows, to show how the Adjustment Brush can be used for local lightening or darkening of the skin.  The colours of the pupils of the eyes were adjusted also using this tool.  Adobe recently substantially reduced the price of Lightroom 3 and subsequently Lightroom 4.  The upgrade is now available for around £60.  Available in both PC and Mac versions, it is highly recommended for those who shoot in RAW.A second task tonight was to give some direct instruction on mount cutting to Liane and he mum.  They brought along a sheet of mountboard but no prints.  This was easily overcome by using one of the existing mounts within the clubroom and taking direct measurements from it.   As I was starting, I  discovered that the club had acquired a new larger mount cutter donated by Gerry Coe.  I decided to use the older one until such times that I can become familiar with its operation.   In the session both pupils mastered the technique of cutting window mounts.

I had overlooked bringing my sensor cleaning kit tonight.  Bobby Peacock had asked me previously to clean the sensor of his camera.   On lifting the mirror, by naked eye, no dust could be seen but we set the camera on manual focus with a small aperture (to sharpen the dust mark outline) and took several out of focus shots of a light surface.  The LCD display was zoomed in on the resulting image and traversed back and forth until a couple of spots were seen.  I’ll bring the kit next Wednesday and if Bobby is there with his camera we’ll have a go at cleaning.

Liane was fortunate to have had a shiny new 600D Canon bought to her for her birthday and I spent a little while showing her some of the menu adjustments and setting which are best.  The main setting was the focus point.   We set it to the centre point in order to prevent focus accidentally locking on a subject to one side and behind the intended subject.   I then showed her the focus, lock, recompose technique when taking portraits.    I think she will produce some great shots.   Her previous photos at earlier critique sessions showed great imagination.   I look forward to seeing her results.

Next Wednesday is Studio Night and negotiations are underway for the attendance  of  one or more models.   I hope we can organise ourselves better next Wednesday and avoid crowding tows the front.  I think each person will be allocated a certain time  to shoot.  I suggest that if you are participating, have your camera already set up and ready to go, otherwise adjustments will eat into your time allocation.


2 thoughts on “Wednesday 4th April 2012 – Clubnight

  1. love your wee blog david if i miss a night i can always rely on your blog to keep me updated cheers keep up the good work

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