Wednesday 11th April 2012 – Clubnight – Studio Session

It’s the second Wednesday evening in the month again and that’s designated as our Studio Night, intended to give members experience and confidence in both the use of their cameras and of the studio lighting system.

The experience of such evenings is that the enthusiasm of participants can easily create chaos with everyone wanting an opportunity to shoot.  Tonight, we had two lovely young ladies, one of whom was the niece of Michael Rice.  Kayleigh and Kirsty were with us for the first time and neither had modelled before, but were surprisingly calm at being is such an environment.

In order to keep some discipline and control, Julie created numbered slips of paper and distributed to shooters. Each person was allowed about 5 minutes and this included any last minute camera adjustments.  All in all, everyone was very cooperative and this helped to relieve the pressure down at the front of the studio.

With a large group such as we had this evening, detailed experimentation with single light illumination and other special effects was limited.  This is best done with only one or two photographers on another non-meeting night. 

As well as Kayleigh and Kirsty, our own Ali came along and participated as a model, her radiant red hair contrasting well with the bright yellow top.  Darren brought an other experienced model, Carrie, his Spanish Water Dog, and Ali requested that she be included with her in the shoot.   During a short break in proceedings, Shirley asked for a new profile photo of her studying a book to be taken by Deborah.

We didn’t have tea this evening – no milk.

As  normal, as a thank you to our models, we offer a portfolio of images from the evening to our models and we have invited them back next Wednesday to view the results on the big projected screen. Can I therefore request that members who took shots of our models, please bring digital copies (and if you wish, prints) to give to them.  We will review the shots during our usual critique session.

Once again, thanks to our members for a very orderly, if not busy evening.   As the evenings get lighter, perhaps we can take our cameras outside in the vicinity of the clubroom for a challenge session within a certain radius and time limit.  Maybe we’ll chat about this next week.

Meanwhile on Friday evening we will have our own Peter Hughes talking about and showing us his ARPS Panel.


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