Wednesday 18th April 2012 – Clubnight

Before most of the members arrived I took a couple of our foundation members outside the clubroom with their cameras and we did a short practical exercise in shooting manual and setting our meter to an average tone and also how to recognise average tones and other zones on the zone system.   The chilling breeze directly from the sea kept the session short as my hands nearly stopped working.  We continued later in discussion during and after the tea break.

This evening we had invited Kirsty and Kayleigh, our young models from last week’s studio night to view the photographs taken.

A number of those who took part last week, didn’t turn up this week therefore we had only a relatively few images for the girls.

Contributors were Angus Gardiner, Bill Cardwell, Edward McCavana.   As normal, we viewed the images with a critical eye, and in so doing identified issued relating to the poses which the participating photographers asked our models to adopt.  One of the issues was the short time spent by each person taking the photographs and all felt that we need to slow up the pace so that more thought can be put into the posing and lighting.

Kirsty and Kayleigh will be participating in another shoot on a non-clubnight with only a couple of photographers.  Meanwhile we advised them to flick through well known fashion magazines, tearing out pages of poses which appealed to them.  We also suggested that they might bring some props/hats etc for that occasion.

Bill Cardwell raised an important point regarding the use of the background which features a window frame.  He felt that the window outline detracts from the finished photograph.   I must say that I now agree with this view.  A plain background is much better.   We have a plain white background but don’t have black.   Perhaps we can discuss the possible procurement of a black roll at the AGM.

Nigel presented us with a new copy of Adobe Photoshop Elements 10 which Alan McMorris installed on the club computer.


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