Wednesday 25th April 2012 – Clubnight

It was a cold stormy night on Wednesday but it was encouraging to see about 38 members face the weather and attend.

As is normal for a Wednesday evening there was no set agenda.  It wasn’t long before memory sticks started to appear at the computer.  Everyone seemed content for the first half hour to stand around and chat, in fact I had to make a call for  all to be seated.

From there, the first offering was a great Audio Visual by Noel Maitland comprised of photos recently taken on a short break in Fermanagh.  I thought that the accompanying music was very well chosen to suit the theme of the images.

Having not seen Davy Cooper for some time, he appeared this evening and with his usual flair, offered an AV which I understand was produced some considerable time ago on the format of a spoof 35mm slide show complete with Kodak slide mounts.  It comprised of a quantity of old scanned holiday photographs linked by a great ‘toff’ voiceover.  The outcome was hilarious and this certainly warmed up the group for the next offerings.

Congratulations were given to all those who did so well in receiving Cup  awards and certificates, specifically Trevor Reid, Photographer of the Year, and also to May Carvill who went home with her arms full of cups and certificates.

The remainder of the evening was spent reviewing and critique of photos.  Friday night is our annual Post Mortem evening where the judge of the Exhibition Competition will give us feedback on the prints and PDIs submitted.


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