Friday 4th May 2012 – Annual General Meeting

Chairman Harry Watson and Secretary Henry Doggart

The members listened to a succession of very positive reports at the Annual General meeting on Friday. The outgoing  Chairman,Nigel Snell thanked all the office bearers for their hard work during the year and noted that the membership numbers had risen yet again to seventy eight.

Peter Gibson, the Treasurer reported a healthy financial position while the Competition Secretary, Alan McMorris noted that an increasing number of younger members were entering and winning the club competitions. The inter-club battles with Dublin and Spain again offered a good opportunity to display the club’s work on a wider stage.

David Roberts,the Webmaster reported a healthy interest worldwide in the club website with over five hundred hits a month now recorded while Noel Maitland , in his role as Facilities Manager was happy with the support he had received in the general upkeep of the premises. Congratulations were extended to Gerry Coe (Club President) on his successful exhibits, particularly in the Royal Ulster Academy and to Ray Magill on his appointment as President of the Northern Ireland Photographic Association.

The committee for 2012-2013 is;  Chairman,Harry Watson : Vice Chairman,Peter Gibson: Treasurer,Peter Gibson:  Assistant Treasurer ,Ray Magill:  Secretary,Henry Doggart:  Exhibition Secretary,Alan McMorris:  Competition Secretary, Alan Hartley:  Assistant Competition Secretaries ,Julie Campbell,Bobby Peacock:  Facilities Manager, Noel Maitland:  Webmaster, David Roberts: NIPA Representative,Alan McMorris:  Information Officer, John Bennett:  Child Protection Officer: Shirley Graham.

The formal weekly meetings resume in September but the clubhouse is still open on Friday evenings for tutorials and informal workshops. The monthly club outings continue throughout the summer.

John Bennett



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