Saturday 5th May 2012 – Club outing to Ulster American Folk Park, Omagh

This was the first of our organised Summer Club outings which take place on the first Saturday of the summer months and saw us visiting the Ulster American Folk Park just outside Omagh, Co Tyrone.

Unlike the previous outing several years ago when it was quite wet, we were blessed with a pleasant spring day, that is, after the rather sharp nip in the air when we first arrived.   There was a magnificent turnout with 26 attending,

The normal proceedings of part-taking in scones, jam, tea and coffee was adhered to as soon as the group had assembled but i know of two younger ones who scoffed their packed lunch at this point and had to be subsequently fed at the cafe when the real lunchtime arrived!

The first part of the exploration was through the Old World (old Ireland) which included houses, forges, old peat fired cottages with highly undesirable sleeping and living accommodation.  Some of the members were seen photographing, not the houses or artefacts but bits of rusty metal at the back.  As our visit coincided with a Rare Breeds Show, quite a number were attracted by the sheep, pigs, horses and big horned cattle.   At one stage Angus captured a brilliant shot of a little Robin.  It just sat there for him.  He said that he had previously spent ages at home trying to get a  good image of a Robin.  I hope this is the one.

I started to have problems with the ball -head on my tripod.  It wouldn’t lock and this restricted me a bit until getting back to the car at lunch time, where I had an old tripod.

All of a sudden a stranger called me to hurry and come and photograph Darren who was involved in a love affair with a huge turkey.  Darren was squatting on the street and this thing with a really ugly head was determined to get onto his lap.  I asked Darren to pucker his lips for it and in the photo below you can see the result.  After all, it was his birthday.

After lunch it was time to go through the  village street with its various emporia and board the ship for the new world, Pennsylvania, America.  On the other side there was the all-embracing general store, (a sort of Briterome in Bangor) with all sorts of useful stuff.

Whole log cabins were the order of the day, some with wooden railing type verandahs.  Just the place for sitting on the old rocking chair.   Inside the living conditions didn’t seem as frugal as at home.

Anyway, lots of shots taken. In my case 142.  Plenty of RAWs to work on.  It was surprising how everyone got scattered around the site and only occasionally come across them again. Somehow I seemed to be following Bill Cardwell.

At about 3.30 or so the air temperature began to fall noticeably as we completed the hike and made our way back to the car park and home.

Lets hope that the next outing to Whitehead Railway Museum is as well attended and that we get good weather.

Here’s Darren with his new love.

Remember Darren,” A turkey is not just for Christmas, Its for Life


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