Wednesday 9th & Friday 11th May 2012 – Clubnight

Now that the formal meetings season has ended with the AGM, we are continuing to meet on Wednesday and Friday evenings as usual except that Friday nights will take on the same format as Wednesdays throughout the summer period until the new season commences in September.

Wednesday, being the second one in the month was our usual Studio Night and the suggested theme was Still Life.  Members came equipped with various props ranging from carved wooden ornaments to a stainless steel sugar bowl, cream jug and a larger stainless steel jug.   Deborah brought a small crouching figurine. Darren brought along a low white table which served as a great base for the props.

Edwards stainless steel proved to be tricky to light properly without burned out highlights.  Gerry Coe kindly came round and assisted in guiding us in the use of reflectors and positioning the speedlight and umbrella.   We decided to use speedlight flash tonight to emulate the sort of setup which members can achieve at home with relatively inexpensive equipment.   New member, Olivia was give guidance on camera settings before she tackled the crouching figurine.


I started the evening by displaying a couple of digital audio visuals prepared by Maureen Platt, a well known member of the WNSoft PTE forum.   Mark then followed this with a short AV showing the relationship between shutter speed, aperture and ISO.   If you want to look at this at home, bring your memory stick on the next clubnight.

The remainder of the evening was taken up by reviewing photographs taken at last Saturday’s club outing to the Ulster American Folk park at Omagh.  All the images were good.  Darren’s friend, Clinton the turkey attracted much comment and hilarity.  For me the photo of the evening was Angus’ little Robin which posed for him barely more than arms length away.  Well done Angus.


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