Wednesday 16th May 2012 – Clubnight

We had a great turnout at the clubroom tonight, 23+ members.    Darren brought along a video demonstrating the technique of “painting with light”   In this video a guy described in detail how he set up the shot and in particular, the BULB setting used in conjunction with a remote cable release to allow exposures greater than 30 seconds.

He was also equipped with one of these huge squillion-candle torches capable of attracting moths from Stranraer, to paint rocks in the foreground and the face of a small building.  All this was done at dusk against a deep blue sky.  The result was very pleasing.  Discussion on the technique followed where ordinary speedlights could be used in the same way.    The results are obviously better when there is little or no ambient light.

By this time quite an array of memory sticks appeared at the computer desk and we worked our way through them all.  The one exception was that I overlooked Darren’s set.  We’ll see his first on Friday.   William has had some difficulty over the weeks transferring photos from his Mac to memory stick, but he succeeded this time.  He brought along his selection of shots of Kayleigh and Kirsty, our models from a number of weeks ago.  the group assessed his results and we showed a little judicious cropping to enhance the photos.  Maybe his efforts to soften the complexions of the girls were slightly overdone, nevertheless, it was an excellent effort.

Noel showed us an AV of his collection of Gate photos followed by several very interesting shots of the Strangford experimental turbine which had its blades raised for maintenance.

Trevor Reid was persuaded to sit in the hot seat and demonstrate to us the “David Hockney” technique using Photoshop Elements.  This was the technique of building a collage (or is it a montage?) to give a pseudo 3D effect of a subject.    There followed a discussion on what is a collage, a montage.   Darren secretly looked the definitions up on his iPhone during the debate.   Here’s what I found on the internet.

Collage would be a collection of elements attached or assembled on some common ground, such as a board or canvas, like a painting.

Assemblage is a collage where it’s sculptural nature is important. 

Montage is where elements are brought together in a narrative or pictorial fashion. Most people associate montage with motion picture film

Thanks again to Julie for preparing and serving the tea in Christine’s absence.

After tea we resumed the critique of photos until we ran out of time.   I showed a short AV of Shanghi by Day and Night.  Personally, I was’nt much impressed with it.  Because of that I forgot Darrens shots.

The group were reminded that the new subscription season commences on 1st September and that present members should bear in mind that we were oversubscribed in this current year and closed membership.   This is a signal not to hang about too late before subscribing for next season.   A new application form is available for printing on our website at    You can find the link on the site under “About Us>Application Form.

See you all again on Friday evening.


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