Wednesday 27th June 2012 and Friday 29th June 2012 – Clubnight


Wednesday Night

Early bird, Eddie was fist off the mark tonight with a request to explain the principle behind the use of Layers in Photoshop.   i said that I would include it in tonight’s session.

Peter supplied a memory stick with a Pictures to Exe of a recent holiday in Bulgaria.   The images were great, as was the accompanying sound track.   While I had the memory stick in the reader, we had a look at  another of Peter’s AVs, this time, Rhodes.  There were some images of the old town of Rhodes but in the main the images were of towns and locations outside the Rhodes.

Edward produced some great images followed by Bill Cardwell who had several photographs of an unidentified species of a bird in flight.   The consensus was that it was a Red Kite.  Our resident birdie man wasn’t present to help us but Angus was fairly convinced on its identity.

Deborah showed us a selection of her images including several taken from the shore line, of a glorious sunset.  She had applied some  unusual post processing and there was a general discussion on its merits. Continue reading

Friday 22nd June 2012 – Clubnight

It was a dreadful day weather-wise.   Rain and ales.  It was surprising that anyone turned up at all tonight.

The true stalwarts were there though.

Trevor was first in after me and showed me his new Nikon D3000 which he saw at a bargain price and couldn’t resist it.   I had a look at it with him and showed him how to set up the single centre focus point (with Henry’s help).

From here there was a few minutes instruction and practice in achieving sharp eyed portraits.  Trevor was finding that the auto selection of focus points locked on to unwanted objects.   Hopefully he now can be assured of sharp portraits if he follows the advice.

After this we had a new visitor, John, who had seen our welcome invitation on the Club Website and decided to give us a call.   I spent some time with him, and discovered that he was a Canon user who liked landscape photography and was shooting in RAW.   He used Canon’s DPP software for conversion.

This led to discussion on suitable software such as Adobe Photoshop Elements and Adobe Lightroom.   As I had no fixed agenda tonight, I took the opportunity to show him and others the basics of Lightroom and its level of control in developing RAW image data files.

By this time, the memory sticks started to appear at the computer desk and we commenced our usual critique session.  Drew submitted a good selection of sports action shots illustrating a well mastered technique of panning.

Wednesday 20th June 2012 – Clubnight

It has been a glorious day in Bangor, but that’s all set to end for a while.  Promise of rain and wind till at least the weekend.  Surprising, the number that turned up tonight.

William and Michael have really entered the spirit of the project Old Bangor/New Bangor arranged by Gerry Coe.   They presented some physical prints showing the old vs the new.   I think we all agreed that modern day developments have created real problems in trying to match the precise viewpoints.  The chief offenders are huge Car parking signs and trees. As usual we had a supply of memory sticks to work through and this took us until nearly 10.25pm to complete.

William and Michael’s Bangor photos raised quite a bit of discussion and debate.   In both cases the results were very commendable.

Other submissions treated us to photos of odd shaped mushrooms together with sprightly comments from the back.   Not Shirley this time as she was beside me at the front!

Angus had spent some time with Nigel on an outing and his submissions of bird photos was amazing.  Well worth keeping for future competition work.

Kevin’s evening shots around Bangor featured a couple of ghosts.  Nice novelty.  Darren presented a memory stick with great photos of horsemanship.   We discussed the merits of what makes a good presentation of a horse whilst striding over the jumps.

Last night there was a spectacular sunset across the lough and we were hoping for a repeat tonight but alas low cloud began rolling in.   Some of the group disappeared after the tea break (thanks for tea Julie) to take some shots with Mark.

Sorry that it was a bit of a rush at the end when we finished up with Shirley’s shots of Linda, Helen’s daughter.

I’m sure everyone would want us to pass on our best regards to Deborah’s husband, Nigel after his recent health episode.

See you all on Friday again.


Friday 8th June 2012 and Wednesday 13th June 2012 – Clubnight

It was good to see Mark back with us on Wednesday night and he kindly occupied the chair for the evening.

Our main activity on Friday was the usual critique of members photographs.   Its always useful to have another person chair this activity.  Mark’s extensive experience helps everyone.


On Wednesday night we had our usual monthly “Studio Night” where the aim is to give everyone “who remembers to bring their camera“, an opportunity to practice their shooting skills in a studio environment.

Helen’s lovely daughter Linda, agreed to be our model for the evening.  She had not modelled before and came dressed as Tinkerbell, complete with wings!

This was certainly a one-off.  I chatted to Linda to explain what we do on one of these sessions. Meanwhile those with cameras set up their cameras to the suggested starting point, i.e. 100 ISO, F8 aperture and 1/160 shutter speed on Manual control.

Some time was spent helping with the setup of inbuilt flash commander mode or on some others, the wireless trigger or accessory speedlight set to manual at 1/128th power.

The plan tonight was to use only one, or at most two flash heads and experimenting with modelling light.

It wasn’t long till most got into their stride and I was able to spend time with Bobbie and David making some changes to the custom settings on their Canon 7D’s

Alli made a special request to be first to shoot.  It soon became apparent that she wanted to get back to watch a football match on telly.  Huh!!

Linda was thanked for the excellent modelling session and agreed to come back to us. As usual members were asked to supply photos either on CD or actual prints for Linda and Helen.

Once again thanks to Linda and Helen for helping us this evening.

Saturday 2nd June 2012 – Club Outing RPSI Whitehead

This was our second summer outing this year.   This time we planned to go to the Railway Preservation Society of Ireland depot at Whitehead.

We met as usual at the clubroom in Bangor and car-shared on our journey to Whitehead.  I was quite surprised at the number in our group who have never been to Whitehead, even though we can see it from the clubroom.

Our initial assembly for the traditional scones and tes/coffee was in the carpark by the sea. From there it was only 2 minute run to the railway depot where we were met by members of the society all kitted in high visibility jacket and cap.  Before we set off around the depot we were given a safety briefing and a history of the Society, then divided into separate escorted groups. Continue reading

Friday 1st June 2012 – Clubnight

Lower than normal turnout tonight, but who can blame anyone for spending a warm evening doing thing other than polishing each other’s egos in our clubroom!

I was somewhat prepared for this eventuality and brought a couple of Audio Visual shows which had been made several years ago and which some of the newer members may not have seen.

First off was a taste of Switzerland and its beautiful spotless countryside and streets.  The must surely be  a lesson here for some of our locals.   Dropping litter is VERBOTEN!     I became acutely aware and permanently cured of littering many years ago when I dropped a finished apple but onto the adjacent grass verge.  You know how it it – that will be eaten by the birds.   No sooner did the apple butt hit the ground than shoulder was tapped by a rather stern local woman muttering in German and expressly pointer her finger at the offending article.   I can tell you, this was the ultimate humiliation required to enact a permanent cure and I lifted the butt and put it in my pocket until I came to a waste bin.   If only we had the gusts to do this locally.   Anyway, I digress…..

The next one was a tour around the Italian Dolomites.    By now it must have been obvious to all that I love mountain scenery.

Darren showed us another in the tutorial series on photography about panning shooting at motocross type events.

Final briefing on Saturday’s club outing to the Railway Society  of Ireland’s premises at Whitehead  was given.